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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

I walked a mile, but there was no Camel

Yesterday was a.... milestone... in my new life as a cripple. I walked hobbled a mile.

I have been attempting to balance my books for tax purposes. I am a bit worried I didn't do the end of the year over lapping payments correctly. I need to talk to my accountant but she has gone big time and has an office in town and will probably be a little more accurate with her billing.

But, I digress...

Balancing my books using Quick Books Pro is a bit frustrating for me. There are three reasons for this. First, I dropped out of two accounting classes and I just have a weird mental block about accounting. Secondly, I foolishly upgraded my MacBook Pro to the latest system and now have to upgrade from QuickBooks Pro 2015 to a more modern version.

The third reason is the most irritating. QuickBooks Pro is now cloud based and subscription based. I don't want it to be cloud based as want to use the program when not connected to the internet. I also don't want to pay the subscription fee when I have a program (QuickBooks Pro 2015) that I paid for and that works perfectly for me.

I have resurrected my old PowerBook from back when they were silver aluminum and had awesome keyboards and lots of ports and a CD drive and a beautiful large screen. Mine has an issue with the video card and will unexpectedly crash when fancy online graphics make a call for acceleration. I have a software patch for this but you always need to be prepared for a crash.

I did buy a PC laptop and downloaded Open Office with the goal of switching all my business record keeping to the PC which has Windows 11.  I still prefer the old PowerBook to the PC, especially since I haven't found my software license for Quickbooks 2015 and non cloud based versions of QuickBooks pro fetch a premium used,

But I digress,

The point of this post was that I was able to walk a mile with the help of only one crutch to keep me out of the ditch. I got a couple offers of encouragement from various neighbors as well as an offer of a ride, but I soldiered on.

If I would not have been so annoyed with QuickBooks I probably would not have had the energy to leave the house. So I will say a big thank you to Intuit for the motivation!

I think this was the last great PowerBook! Too bad it has a fatal flaw with the video card.


  1. You are doing pretty good to walk a mile with crutches. Some people could not do that with two good legs.

  2. I am more than a little sore today. Thinking about a much shorter journey today.

  3. I gave upon Quikbooks. I use LibreOffice. I have my grandfather's cane. It sounds like you are healing. Good.

    1. I need Quickbooks Pro to be compatible with my accountant and because I am not sure I am smart enough to learn another program at my advanced senility


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