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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Too cheap to spend $3,000 on a real mechanic...

Well, I just couldn't spend $3,000. It just bugs me to pay $1.58 per minute for someone to work on my tractor. I figure if the guy spends twenty seconds out of every hour scratching his arse it is costing me $.50. If you add another $.50 worth of nose picking it all starts to add up.
So...we borrowed a forklift and blocked up the tractor with six by six beams and started removing stuff!
I have no idea how we are going to all put back together. It is all very heavy and there are multiple splines to line up.

Here is the hub and planetary assembled.

Here is just the planetary assembly. I think it can handle 150 horsepower with no problem...


  1. I'm once again impressed! That is one heavy bundle of gears. Maybe rig an I beam trolley over the rear end to hang the parts from and then slide together?

  2. Don't need a real mechanic. Round guy in overalls appears to have a glowing magic wrench in his left hand.

  3. I remember the ads for that series White showed how much bigger their planetary is compared to all the other major companies. That is one beefy planetary, way heavier than the Deeres I'm used to. I'd say you are good for 200 HP easily.

    Looks like you're well on the way. Maybe you can come do mine, since you will be experienced :-)

  4. Muddy, we are going to attempt to install using the sideshift on the hyster. Fingers are crossed. Have to get bearings from Portland today, seals from Salem.

    Collieguy, the round guy does in fact have magical powers, they are contained in his belly. He has gained further magical powers over the winter!


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