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Thursday, March 17, 2011

People actually support public employee unions and listen to 1960's folk music? (Oh it is Oregon)

My lovely and gracious wife had the TV going last night. Somehow the folks at OPB think that playing four hours of non-stop Peter Paul and Mary and The Weaver's is a clever fundraising move. Although I'm sure scores of aging hippies were hugging each other across the Portland Metro area last night. I wonder if there was a spike in Chronic sales?
I went into the "Den" and listened to the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. It kind of cleared my head. I would have posted but I got distracted by the Japanese Nuclear crisis. I expect a large sea monster to attack next. Oh, wait, I was actually playing SimCity...
For some amusement click this link to a "solidarity" protest in Portland.
There are people who actually support paying government workers more money?
I suppose the useful idiots just pick up their marching orders from Michael Moore but I do think it is a stretch...
I spent a couple hours yesterday talking to a fellow who lost his high paying job and is selling "free range" chicken eggs to bring in some cash. $100,000 to $0 in six months. He is not in favor of most government employees. Perhaps some of his frustration rubbed off on me.
I am instituting a new policy with my feed sales. Free chicken feed but I charge $250 an hour for "companionship." I think I will make more money. (Aside from all those embarrassing requests for "other" services.)


  1. Well, regarding "Free chicken feed but I charge $250 an hour for "companionship." ..being Oregon and all, you might get $300 if you had speakers blaring Peter, Paul & Mary. :)

  2. Fine post.

    "couple hours yesterday who lost his"

    A little edit here, perhaps?

  3. Seems like people want conversation more than feed. Or getting feed is an excuse to get out off the house.
    My sister was into PP&M. and of course the Beatles. I was more into BTO and Grand Funk.

  4. Central Oregon GrownMarch 17, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    Don't you think in this world of technology that
    people miss human contact and conversation. Next time you go out to lunch, look around I'll
    bet the cafe is abuzz with just good old conversation. People seem to still need that
    human ear. Thanks for being a good listener. It
    is the little things in life that are awards.

  5. And I will start charging $100/hr for advice. Something my father did for years even after the others in his profession charged $350. But I figure that may be all my advice is worth. Some may think otherwise.
    I guess that means either I'll have to fork out $150.00/hr to talk to you when I stop by, or buy some chicken feed for the chickens I don't have.

  6. BB-I, I don't actually have any PPM but I do a Johnny Horton and Ramblin' Jack Elliot and Bob Dylan so perhaps it will work.

    Smitty-Thanks for reading. Yes, I do have somewhat of a "fire and forget" approach to writing. I need to actually read the posts after I write them.

    Bobby, Perhaps it is actually I who like to talk rather than work...

    COG, yes the cafe is certainly abuzz with conversation. I went back and removed some of my commentary on those conversations as I seemed a bit mean spirited.

    Muddy, I'm afraid to ask you any more questions! When I was in college I once had a very interesting conversation with your father about studying psychology. He never really gave me any opinions one way or another but actually talked quite a bit. I wish I would have written down the conversation. He did not charge me $100. I do know not to stack the hay too close to the walls in the barn, however... Last time you stopped by I think you inspired scooter boy to cough up a couple hundred bucks. Perhaps I owe you a commission!


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