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Friday, March 25, 2011

A clever way to split a tractor

How to split a tractor with no chain hoist.

The fellow has made tracks from angle iron with the triangle point facing up. The wheels heavy rollers that look like two 4" round plates that have beveled edges and they are on an axle. Pretty simple little setup. You can mount the tracks on heavy wood beams for splitting something in the field. This is a much better idea than using the M670 to split  the G706.


  1. Excellent idea. I may just steal it. Splitting tractors on a dirt floor is something I dont enjoy (or do often) but this method would certainly make it easier.

  2. Nothing like a farmers ingenuity to come up with something like this. Back in the day, you had to build what you needed or do without.
    Very nice.

  3. I think I might know who that tractor splitter belongs to. Are his initials "SK"? If so, I copied it a few years ago. Sure makes keeping it aligned much more simple. If you ever need it just come get it, it sits in the shop most of the time gathering dust.

  4. I just looked at the pics again. Is that crunchy floor dry I see? Hope this wasn't in the Uncle's shop!

  5. Ralph, it looks like it works very well. The track is not that heavy. But, yet it works.

    Bobby, no kidding! You end up building your own tools fairly often. I don't think I posted the photo of the monster puller my brother made to install the tractor axle bearings. I really should.

    Muddy, A better idea is not to split a tractor. I could bring the M670 over and give you a hand!

    Orin, well as a matter of fact it is holding up a MF tractor and yes you are correct.
    No, that is not Uncle's shop. As you may know, floor dry is not allowed, only sawdust is allowed.

  6. where in the uk ru I would love to borrow iti have a ford 6000 to split

  7. where in the uk ru I have a ford 6000 to split


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