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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Record Store Guy beat me to the Garage Sale Store...Or Limewire sells another album...

I bought a couple albums today. The Wailers, Long Cool One and The Sonics, Meet the Sonics. I've been interested in both bands for years but never found much except for pirated music on Limewire. I see there are now reissues on Amazon so a few other folks must have used Limewire as well as I. I'm assuming everyone but the record industry realizes that music sharing services actually resulted in album sales. They probably did realize that and wanted to shut them down as it gave consumers knowledge of bands other than the four in each genre that the label promote.
But, I digress.
I got to my chiropractic appointment early and they were having some sort of a staff meeting. So I thought I get some minor entertainment out of the guy that runs the record store. I swear these places never change.
To my surprise I found two albums I have wanted to hear for years.
The Fabulous Wailers were a band from Tacoma Washington that had some hits in the 1960's but turned down fame and fortune to play clubs in the Northwest. Their energy is amazing. The album has a few pops and the sound is not the best but I like the guitar work. There is a nice level of distortion and some manic piano playing. Those guys were having fun.
The same energy can be found with the Sonics. They were another Northwest band from the 1960s. The sound is not so good but they make up for it with shear volume and effort. I was disappointed it did not contain my favorite, "Dirty Old Man," a song which was written about my employee. I laugh out loud when I hear it. Oh good grief it is on YouTube...
Anyway, I've listened to the Wailers album about three times through. They do a nice mix of instrumentals, (think of the Ventures) not exactly surf guitar but a similar sound.
Back to the Chiropractor.
I forgot about our high deductable and the limits of a medical savings plan when I decided to go back to the Chiropractor after skipping for two years. The perky receptionist made a comment about my bill the other day and I nearly had a heart attack. The guy is really helping me but I've been going to often. I can't afford it. He charges about the same rate I make no-tilling at 7 mph but the difference is I can't do it all winter long like he can.
So I am making the best of my treatment by coming home and lifting heavy objects and then spending the evening sitting in my old lazyboy listening to my record player, writing the Lazy Farmer and putting ice on my back. It proves to be a rather enjoyable experience. I should be reading my Bible and listening to the Knox brothers and sipping hot tea but alas I am a seriously flawed human being.


  1. I'm pretty sure the Sonics played at one or more of our HS dances at Lincoln high in Portland. At least the bands sounded like that! :-)

  2. I suppose at one time all the bands pretty much had that sound. Not real hi-fi either. Sound is kind of awful.
    Perhaps i can find some banjo music...


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