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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The law has been laid down!

Something did not seem right in the house this morning. I woke up after a night of coughing and fitful sleep to a totally quiet house. No curious George on the TV, no cheerful morning prattle, no kitty tormenting. Judging from the gray light filtering through the blinds it was near 7 a.m. but very cloudy. I could hear wind or rain. I couldn't hear a sound, except for that annoying white noise sound in my right ear which is plugged tight.
Today is my day to take the kids to school so I knew I had to get up. I staggered into the kitchen where I found my daughter. She pointed me to a large sign which should have been the first thing I saw when I wandered out of the guest room. (I've been quarantined)
The sign read in large black letters, "GO BACK TO BED."
My daughter informed me that since I did not sleep well and was coughing all night, they had been extra quiet this morning and that Uncle 706 was taking them to school.  And I should go back to bed.
So I did.
Who am I to argue with an almost 10-year-old?
I've got my phone so I suppose it will start ringing soon.
I do have some medical advice for you all. Thera-Flu works really well. However, the words "daytime" actually mean what they say. Rationalizing that since the package is four years out of date it probably won't make me stay awake, is just "rationalizing."
I was able to sort of sleep as I was quite tired, but it was that strange half awake dozing sort of sleep that doesn't really do you much good.
MuddyValley thinks it was the sweet sounds of the Legendary Stardust Cowboy which carried a virus. Perhaps it damaged my immune system to some degree but on the other hand, why would it not work like chemotherapy where it would also kill the virus as well?
In order to find out I would have to drag myself some 10 feet to the record player. Perhaps I will try a knife against a glass window or fingernails on the chalkboard!


  1. "why would it not work like chemotherapy"?
    It's a question of degree. While a few seconds of radiation, or a measured amount of chemical can kill a disease but not the host, too much will doom them both. Perhaps you over-dosed on the 'Cowboy'? I would say that more than 30 seconds could be dangerous, and more than a few minutes could be deadly. Of course I'm not a doctor, although I have played one.

  2. Maybe some Ian Tyson might make a good antidote?

  3. MuddyValley, I have a Bay City ROllers album. Perhaps I am not targeting the correct virus? What if I listened to The Ledge and then The Bay City Rollers? Would that kill or cure me?

    Orin, I saw Ian Tyson at the Aladin Theatre in Portland a few years back. He is a very interesting fellow, aside from the music. I read somewhere he was heavily influenced as a kid by the book "Lone Cowboy," by Will James.
    Turns out Lone Cowboy was a fake biography and Will James was not raised on the frontier. Neither was Ian Tyson raised a Cowboy.


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