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Monday, March 7, 2011

I have the best daughter ever!

She just brought me a Ding-Dong. I love Ding-Dongs, actually Ho-Ho's are my favorite. She knows this and has taken hiding them as her father has been know to raid her stash.
The sweet waxy chocolate goes really well with coffee in the morning. I love the rush of sugar and caffeine followed by the droopy letdown in an hour.
But, I digress.
She just walked over and handed me a Ding-Dong and said, "I love you."
When I am old and grey she will probably lock me in the rest home or leave me in my wheelchair at a dog racing track, but for now all is wonderful.
When I have dementia I suppose I won't really care where she leaves me!
Have a nice day...


  1. yup, live for the joys and pleasures of the moment. and remember these are not only memories for you but they are also memories for her to hold onto when she leaves you in that wheelchair.

  2. Might want to cache a bag of Ho-Ho's and a bottle of Geezer Brooks in the pocket of your wheelchair. The future belongs to the prepared!

  3. I never had any kids. You are blessed!


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