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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I forget my wife's birthday...

There will be no Radio Birdmen, Beasts of Bourbon or Lime Spiders for you today. Yes, the need to covert obscure Australian punk bands to Mp3 has been surpassed by the pain of forgetting my wife's birthday.
Now, I should probably explain the circumstances. A few of you will probably understand..
It is not that I forgot her birthday. That would make me insensitive. No, I've been trying for two months to get her a MacBook for practically nothing on ebay. That includes searches of wrong auction titles, people who write with a lisp, Macbuk, Mikebook, mak book, MacBooke, Apple laptop, Intel mac, and so on. The problem is that I can't afford to pay $500 so I'm trying to get one for $150-$200 and that is impossible. And just yesterday I mentioned my wife's birthday in an attempt to get free barn boards for her. So, I didn't forget the event, or the date of said event...
No, the problem is that I forgot what day it was. As in, today is March 10, 2011. My only defense is that sometimes I get the century wrong and so the days are offset a little. She has been watching Horatio Hornblower and most of the books in my bookshelf are from 1900 and so, I just got confused.
Is it better to be insensitive or an idiot?
I do not know. Perhaps in the future I will try to be both!


  1. Idiot is less impeachable. Both are expendable, but as there seems to be a glut of both commodities on the world market you are probably safe.

  2. Wow another birthday. And you didn't invite us to the party?
    What?? No Party???
    What else did you forget?
    You poor man. Hate to be in your shoes. Maybe you can make it up to her. A dinner somewhere. Quiet booth in the back while you wait for your favorite pizza?
    Oh well, There's always next year.

  3. I think men should try to marry women born on holidays if possible; it just makes life easier. (No mine wasn't, but we DID get married on February 14th!)

  4. Maybe your should take her out for pizza or goat burgers, I hear there is an upscale place in town :)

  5. The goat place worked for me on our anniversary!

  6. Actually, I we were talking about the Blue Goat. Ashes does have prime rib on Fridays but the Blue Goat is really more high brow. Ashes can't complain because i did agree to show a Gene Autry movie in her new banquet room, I wish I could remember what date... I have been broke so I have not been eating in town.
    I was going to get her a birthday cake but the cost like $15 and they ones at the IGA looked kind of stale. I went ahead and made a finger dent in the plastic on each one of them and then didn't buy one.

  7. Never miss a friend's birthday again!

    Birthday Elf for Facebook

  8. BIRTHDAY ROBOT say: “Sound like Farmer need Birthday reminder. Try and make your wife happy lady.”


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