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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fire update

I have an unofficial report on the fire in Amity. I overheard a conversation from some firefighters so what I report is only rumors and they were not speaking in any official capacity. I would like to heap praise upon a someway mild mannered fellow who was involved but I think when you are talking about something which will be investigated and discussed for weeks, and since I didn't say I was writing a story or ask permission to repeat what was said, I will not bring up anything that could be identified.
The story I heard was that a couple people spotted smoke coming from an upstairs window. The fire chief went to investigate and right away called it in as a possible structure fire. One firefighter ran across the street and got everyone out of the building right away. The fellow hanging out the window was deaf (someone said blind as well but I don't know that for sure.) The firemen put a ladder to the window but he had moved to the next window. They moved the ladder, but he had disappeared. By this time the upstairs was filling with smoke and the firemen had to put on airpacks and climb the stairs to rescue him.
The fire probably started in the back of the building. The smoke was so thick and black the firemen couldn't really find the flames. There was speculation that the design of the building contributed to the speed of the fire. It probably went up the back wall. There was also a stairwell in the middle of the building and a back door which may have went into the back room. So the fire had a quick path to the second floor.
The Mexican restaurant burned last. The lady was seen running in and out of the restaurant before the smoke filled the building and everyone was pulled back.
One can only hope she was able to save the salsa recipe.
It all went really fast!
I will say that the loss of the folk art pictures of rural Mexico will be a great loss to the Amity art world. You could not see any numbers on the paintings and by that I mean they were quite good. My daughter and I used to speculate where they were from and who painted them and what era they were from.
The puffer fish hanging from the parrot carving will not be missed. That guy kind of disturbed me...

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