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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Random rant about something you have heard before and it won't even matter except to get me on a list somewhere

 Oregon is going nuts and it is probably time to leave.

I grew up hearing stories from my Uncle about leaving Germany between the wars. He foresaw the end of this country better than anyone else I have even talked to.

Germany was devastated spiritually after WWI and it slowly became a dual society. The rural people were conservative and more religious. The city folk became progressive and liberal. According to Uncle H the growing divide between the liberals and the  smarter than anyone else folk became significant. 

A charismatic leader like Uncle Dolf who promised to rid the country of socialist/communists/weird perverts and university professors(sorry for being redundant) was welcomed because he was an alternative. A few normal people realized it was time to leave. But overall I suspect that the temptation to welcome brownshirts beating the shite out of Antifa shite head types was so strong that one might overlook a little spillover. 

Needless to say, Uncle H got the heck out and moved to Texas. I suspect the only thing that will keep Oregon from turning into Berlin of 1926 is... , well I don't really know. I don't see a charismatic right-ringer rallying us all. The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer a first seemed to be a step in defense of the rest of us but they were immediately and skillfully marginalized. The racial diversity of the groups, Latino, Cuban, Black, White was denied and the clever folks defined them as RaCist. Of course. The "so called violence" didn't do much as those groups seem to have just ended up being mostly Oregon State Police and FBI infiltrators agitating each other. Plus, rural Oregonians are not extreme right wing or "racist fascists." We just want to be left alone. We don't want Kate Brown and countless civil servants telling us what to do. We don't want snot nosed brats protesting endlessly about non-existent oppression of people who we don't even know. We don't want global warming bullshite forced on us because the idiot early baby-boomers read the Hobbit and Grapes of Wrath and convinced their grandkids that the internal combustion engine is evil and that all Mexicans are oppressed farmworkers. (I used to be post baby-boom and pre Gen-X before Wikipedia expanded the Baby Boom years. There ain't a lot of us and we seem to be a grumpy lot)

Note: I started to write this last weekend and ran out of steam. I am still out of steam. I got nothin to say. 

Here are some pictures with no captions and a video that probably won't work.

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  1. The problem we face in Texas is that too many people are moving here and bringing their politics with them.

    Grace and peace

  2. Those of both left and right inclinations fundamentally want to be left alone. Rural conservatives, who also tend to be the uneducated, don't have a monopoly on individuals rights which also tends to be 'do whatever I want,' a bit off the balance beam of the democracy's principle of focusing on the 'common good.' Admittedly here in the 'Twin Cities' Minneapolis does have a far-left orientation. Following the George Floyd murder (we can all agree on that) the left and right started a lot of fires which served no purpose. Liberals and conservatives alike now want only their own way, are convinced the Republic will fail (Steve Bannon is as happy as can be) and talk about leaving. Just a quick FYI: there is no where to go. The rest of the planets countries are experiencing the same chaos. Long ago i did read 'The Hobbit' and 'Grapes of Wrath.' I recommend 'The Worst Hard Time...' which chronicles the causes, struggle and outcome of the dust bowl years. Cause: entrepreneurs selling dreams and farmers blindly destroying the prairies. No conclusion can be drawn other than a significant human influence. I've spent the last week breathing smoke from the Canadian fires and Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes is dried and parched. Can we change the trend? Maybe. We should try. A lot of good music and art came from Germany between the wars. Your name is now on three lists.


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