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Sunday, November 7, 2021

When your kid decides to be the opposite of you, it is pretty sad

 Mark Glaze, fanatical gun control activist, has killed himself. CLICK HERE for story.

If you read to the very end you will see that his mother was a homemaker and his dad owned a gun store. He is quoted as saying if you would have told him when he was a kid, shooting guns and hanging out in Colorado, he would be the face of the anti-second amendment movement, he would have said you were crazy.

Somewhere along the way he decided to the be the opposite of his parents. Of course he suffered from severe depression and anxiety but no one makes a correlation. 

At least the women in his family told him he was wonderful...


  1. Sounded like a rebel with a made-up cause.

  2. I think the final nail is usually college but the groundwork is done before that. Too many parents turn their kids over to the public school and assume all is golden. As an ex-teacher I submit that most of these people on the public dole are indoctrinaters not teachers. On the other hand I know kids who had very involved parents who went crazy.

    Free will is a....

    Grace and peace


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