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Sunday, November 7, 2021

I lose my email and muse about blogging and make hemp tonic

I hope no one has been attempting to email me. I forgot to check the blog email for six months and deleted by email account and then would let me use the same email address. So for those of you who care my email is now 

I think I have the email links updated but I have a lot of trouble with my Buddeshepherd Google account and signing in to Blogger.

I went through my settings on Blogger and I was amazed at how many of our friends are not updating. Several have died. Quite a few quit posting in 2013. I don't really remember 2013 so I don't know what happened.

I get about five views a day. Usually people who want to know how to split a White tractor or rebuild a Dual 1019 turntable.

When I post I think Ralph, Gorges' Duck, and someone in Oregon get notified and see my blog. Sometimes I get 20-30 views in the days following a post.

Have people gone to other platforms like Instagram? Or is blogging dead? 

To change the subject. 

I have unfortunately gotten back into the hemp business. I though I had it all sold. However, the person buying it decided he didn't need two year old hemp buds and he backed out.

Actually, what happened was my friend sold all his hemp to a guy out of state. It was not the greatest price but it was a sale. Now if he would have just said he had 1100 lbs instead of  1000lbs and sold mine it would have been nice but I suppose that would have been complicated. He did try to get me in on the deal and stored my hemp for a year. Anyway I had to go get the hemp last week as his partner is selling his farm and that is where the hemp was stored.

My hemp is really nice, all buds and the bags are heavy. I am going to turn the buds into pellets and use the pellets for fertilizer or goat feed. 

I asked my pot growing neighbor if I should just dump the hemp and he said I should give the pellets a try. Then he brought me another ton of the shite that he had stored in his own shipping container. 

Yesterday I tried pelletizing it. I got everything set up and it started pouring down rain. The hemp would not feed out of the big bags. I got soaked. I am not sure why I am doing this. No one is going to buy the crap.

I also made hemp tonic last week. I have some friends that like it for muscle pain. I made a 1000 mg/ounce dose. I used MCT coconut oil as a carrier.  If my math was correct. If it was wrong I made a 2000mg dosage.  I suspect they are putting it in their coffee but I don't ask. 

Today I am going to make some with alcohol as a carrier. This works differently than the coconut oil as the alcohol evaporates leaving the CDB resin on your skin. It is not an oil that you work in to your skin. I use Everclear as it is 190 proof, works as a hand sanitizer, and since I suspect people may be 'tapping the Admiral' so to speak, I don't want any ingredients that are poison.

It works great for some people. Some people it doesn't help. I don't know why. 


  1. Many would consider blogging dead. I've failed to post much in content falling to the same trap as many...a few sentences on Facebook. I hate Facebook. It's all about big data. All their money is made from the big data side of their business, not the user interface that we see. In the past I thought I would use Facebook as a place for drafts of blog posts where I might get some feedback or comments. Unfortunately I've offended most of my Facebook 'friends' and there is a terrible lack of original content.

    I read you blog because I enjoy your frustrations. As such I wish you more frustration.

    1. Art, I am glad my frustration brings you entertainment. It is good to know one's suffering is not in vain! I have joined private facebook groups and post specific things there as I get a conversation. People just don't read blogs anymore. However, my facebook groups are White/MM tractors, hemp growers regenerative agriculture, Triumph motorcycles, vintage audio. Politics are not allowed. Then I can read the posts at work on my phone whilst mowing the 10 acre practice field.

    2. Sharing frustrations: I wanted to sell a boat that we've not used for years. It's in WWII quonset hut behind my tractor which won't start. This morning I was going to mow the yard one much time but woke up to 5" of snow. Giving up on grass I needed to juggle equipment in the garage but that wouldn't start either, my Weego exploding lithium starter was dead, my jumper cables don't reach (may have to hook two sets together) and I have two new good batteries that are too big to fit in the dead vehicle. The guy that did my roof seems to have disappeared and the crew that actually did the work has not been paid and are threatening to put a lien on the house. The groups that I follow on FB are homesteading (worthless), fruit tree grafting, WWII, beekeeping (I've kept bees for 50 years so most people are stupid and dumb to try) and lots of gun stuff. I thought there what a connection of White and Minneapolis-Moline and thus just read the lineage of White on So your newest White is at least 20 years old.

    3. My newest White is actually 35 years old. I see we have similar frustrations, sounds like a day in my life!

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