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Saturday, November 13, 2021

A beautiful Saturday Morning

 The title of this blog is in fact, The Lazy Farmer. As such I feel there are standards to uphold.

We have had rains of Biblical proportions. I suspect much of the farm is flooded. But, I am sitting in my rocker in front of a warm fire. My wife is gone and her co- dependent dog is locked outside. (She has eyed me with suspicion since I ran over her with the grain drill.)

I have a full cup of coffee and I can hear the whistle of the infamous Willamina Wobbler at the rail crossing down the road. Surprisingly I don't hear the gaggle of Canada Geese on the flooded fields. They have not arrived yet. I also did not wake up to gunfire so the ducks must be swimming a little further out today.

I have much to do. The windshield wipers have failed on my wife's pickup. She lets me borrow it for work as my truck is not currently appropriate for polite company. Of course it is not simple. The windows also do not roll down. It is the cab computer which is buried deep under the dash. If I were not so lazy I would repair the 1966 Ford pickup that just needed a carburetor rebuild or the 1970 Camper Special that needed heads or the 1964 that needed a new starter post, or the 1963 Studebaker Cruiser that just need the torque converter put back in.

In order to get the pickup into the shop I need to process a bag of hemp (150lbs) and a bin of goat feed. Although I do have 15 more bags of hemp to do and I was supposed to make alfalfa pellets for my friend's rabbit collection and I must clean my shop as there is not a flat surface not occupied by old electrical gauges, parts of Great Plains grain drill, White Tractor parts, unsorted tools, a couple ancient vacuum pumps, speakers salvaged from the college, and various unfinished projects.

So I have unabashedly retreated to the comfort of a quiet house and a pot of coffee and the day my very well proceed with out me. Of course about 10 a.m. I will completely panic as I realize just how much is not done.

I also need to mow the lawn and use my recently acquired groundskeeper skills to knock the yard in to shape as the wife's family Thanksgiving is at our house this year...

In other news....

A lady from church brought me a box of albums to evaluate. They are 1970's classics that every middle aged white guy buys as soon as he starts collecting albums. Perhaps the difference is that I never started really "Collecting" albums, I just never stopped acquiring albums.

Last night was the first time I have purposefully sat down and listened to a Pink Floyd album.

I was not all that impressed. The production was good. I found the odd sound effects annoying. The producers obviously did enjoy their stereophonic effects! 

I am going to keep the album "John Barleycorn Must Die," by Traffic as that is an epic title. I suspect that the albums are worth much more than I would be willing to pay for them. But, I am enjoying listening to them. Especially now my free online music services don't let me find specific songs without making me hear stupid advertising and playlists I don't care about.

And now for another thought. I was watering plants in the University library yesterday. I like libraries and used bookstores. It reminds me of the days when I could actually read. I found this section of books. I wonder if the insane liberal idiots know about this. Pretty darn colonial of the school!

I discovered this while I was listening to a commentary on C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia. The Children know what to do in Narnia because they had "read the right books."  Books of heroism and "doing the right thing," not this post modernist shite where the main character has to be perverse just to knock it all off the rails. 
Holden Caulfield was one screwed up little shite and while I have sympathy for him. I don't think he should be a roll model.
Likewise my favorite teenaged angst book, "The loneliness of the Long Distance Runner," has inspired me to be an absolute contrarian my whole life.
But, I digress...
In honor of Armistice Day, I give you this link... because I am contrarian.
And to further confuse you all....
I think this may have also happened to me in 1978.
Have a nice day!

And while we are at it...

Wish someone would give me an apple crate full of British Pub Rock, weird 1960 soul music, non-nashville sound country western, even Bluegrass with banjos.


  1. I have several huge and heavy boxes of lP records I inherited and should probably donate to somebody because I don't ever get around to listening. My favourite book as a teenager was "Hot Rod" by Henry Gregor Felsen. Sort of indicates where my life was headed.


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