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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trouble in Paradise

I was sent another link to a story about the new religion of science. I am shocked to see that it has corruption in it just like the old religion.
It would seem there is a little room to skim at the grant writing, public funding, greenwashing private funding, tribal consulting, public tough.
Again, the fun is in the comments.
Note how all the University people support these guys. Note how "important" everyone thinks they are.
Note how they say how the wonderful "biologists"  can't be guilty because they are doing such great work, (for the environment) how they are such great people and how it is a set up by the DA and the Tribe.
I find it absolutely hilarious when the shoe is on the other foot and someone in the science religion is being prosecuted.

Main story

Follow up story

So they really were getting paid millions to tramp around in the forest and smoke dope all day count spotted owls. Can you imagine, getting paid to go hiking? Sure you have to count owls and the occasional lupine and its' accompanying blue butterfly, but what the heck, if you get it wrong-who is going to check up on you? Better to error on the low side than on the high side, right?


  1. Bad comparison Budde.
    This is an unusual occurrence. Not the norm. These guys will never work again in the fields they were trained in, and rightly so.
    The preachers in the religious business that got busted and jailed, returned and went right back into business stuffing their mattresses with the savings of the gullible. What of all the child abuse that is rampant.?
    Science hold it's people to a higher moral standard than religion does I'm sorry to say.

    1. Why is it a bad comparison? Why do you not think they have a future ahead of them in consulting or activism? You think that the people they "helped" along the way will forget about them?
      So, if they do their jail time and make restitution and apologize and make up some really good research on global climate change and spotted owl habits they can't find forgiveness of sin?
      I really hate to see their mattress stuffing career come to an end because of a few misplaced receipts.

  2. And: Some scientists get corrupted by the government like so many other people. What we need is some sort of heavy handed control over government spending. And while we're at it, lose the tax exempt status for churches. So many are just big businesses.

  3. Too many Scientists, like too many preachers, are as much for sale as prostitutes.

    1. I think prostitutes deserve some respect. If they provide a good service for a reasonable fee and they are honest and don't upsell and have good customer service. We should not assume that they have no personal integrity just because they charge for something that is pretty much given away for free now days.
      In fact (putting aside one's out dated moral code and the fact that in order for me to get money's worth from a prostitute I would actually have to let someone I don't know violate my personal space! As in touch me!), I wonder if prostitutes are not providing a needed service. A sort of equalizing service is many ways.
      While we have the wonders of free love in the 21st century I suspect the currency of sex is much like it always has been. The good looking and the well off get all the quality tail and old guys or those of us who are socially inept are stuck with third and fourth tier.
      But I digress.
      The difference between Scientists and Preachers is that popular culture has said Scientists are honest and have integrity and Preachers do not. If you focused on every time a scientist lied or screwed a member of the young environmentalist league then we would distrust scientists.
      That is my opinion...

  4. Scientists don't council the vulnerable as part of their job, take their money and screw their kids. Not that there aren't a lot of good preachers, but that there are too many bad ones. Popular culture hasn't created the "priest & preacher" problem, it was there all along, and it is a far worse sin that they impose upon the populace than any thing this handful of scientists have done.
    Far too many prostitutes start out as abused children, run away from home at an early age, and are snapped up by some low life pimp who gets them into the business. Prostitution should probably be legalized and controlled. There are lots of things about this country that could use a good cleaning up.


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