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Monday, March 12, 2012

Strange things that are connected by search engines

Ok I lied... I am still setting in my chair... My brother will probably fire me... Wish he would come over for coffee. We could listen to the my Charlie Rich 8-track. Actually I bought it for him but I stole it back.
I have been doing Google searches for and "read the lazy farmer blog," and I found this on you tube.
Look at the suggestions for other similar You Tube video collections! What a motley crew!
I hate to say that we have our own demographic...
And I am not really sure the very nice MsLadyDeborah really wants to be associated with a bunch of crusty old farmers! She must have mentioned "International Pickup" at some point in her blogging career!
Now I really am going to work.

Edit: I clicked on my link and see that the recommendations change. It must look at your browser history and make the recommendations so you may or may not see people associated with The Lazy Farmer. If you see recommendations for Porn, don't blame me... Unless it is a search for "girls in New Zealand shocked by electric fence,"(That's why the video is sideways)  followed by "cheerleaders smoking swisher sweets and hitting each other with pillows while wearing flannel pajamas and listening to Blue Yodel #5." No! No! That was not me... that was my employee using my internet with his phone or perhaps the dog or my 85 year old uncle or...
I got it Chronic Boy! I can blame everything on him.. Not that here is anything to blame, oh my this is so going to ruin my future political career...


  1. VERMONT - AK'S.
    This is a TRUMPET?
    With DES- TRUMP?
    This is with DOMPR- ECOMPPO?
    And that's with SCOMP- EQUAQUAT?
    It's all GROSS with MISHIMOTO?
    YEMEN is with DICK CHENEY?
    And everyone is now in a HURE?


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