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Monday, March 5, 2012

Eye of Polyphemus: The Real Issue with Sandra Fluke

Eye of Polyphemus: The Real Issue with Sandra Fluke:

1. Everything seems to be about politics and sex and money.
Wife and I went to the Sleep Number store and looked at beds. There was a card to fill out as to where you heard about the Sleep Number bed. They advertise equally on Air America and Lars Larson.
You could check a box for Randi Rhodes or Michael Savage or Rush Limbo.
Rush only apologized because he was losing advertisers.

2. The girl who was offended came to talk in front of congress about her need for birth control. It is all kind of an inside joke sort of like the "Slut Walk" girls. Now of course I live out in the backward part of the country but I have some younger friends and I listen to them talk.
No one wants to shut off the flow of free sex and no one wants to do anything to make "chicks" raise their standards but at the same time, girls who put out frequently get no respect.
Now it is a complicated thing. Guys will get so carried away with the easy access that they will marry the girl and of course drama ensues. But, unless they guy is such a stud that he can get sex from other women with the snap of his fingers and just doesn't care, there is always that little bit of distrust.
The contradictory thing that really sets the one dimensional thinkers in academia on the path to free love is that guys don't admit this to anyone but other guys. In fact, guys will do what ever it takes to continue the free love, lying is perfectly acceptable, lying to yourself works also, and a general disrespect for women is what follows.
Then there is the other problem, guys fall in love and suddenly the little trollop becomes quite virtuous.
Put this all together and you see the strange confusion that is life and love in 21st century American culture.
This is just my opinion from local observations.


  1. 1. Rush fell for it big time. Most of us don't care at all how much sex college girls have. I just don't want to pay for them to do it, especially when Planned Parenthood gives out free birth control.

    2. Rush is very nice and polite when compared to the far left koolaid drinkers he offended, just go look at their comments on the stories about this.

    3. If your send Carbonite an email critical of them dropping Rush advertising they will respond as if you agree with them and send you a free coupon for their service!

    1. So it is worse for your daughter to be called a "slut" than for her to actually fit the description of being one?

  2. I think you got it about right, Budd.

  3. The guy can be offensive. Maybe its all an act to get him more publicity?


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