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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Science Project Time

I first thought of Muddy Valley's encryption skills..
Actually, what I first suggested was illegal.
I couldn't find plans for the Ion Propulsion rocket as described in the 1965 World Book Encyclopedia.
We are thinking of building a device to demonstrate pulleys or leverage using an old Erector set.
Menthos and diet soda rocket?
Then I ran across links to these ordinary folks who got into trouble with science.
A truck driver by the name of John Coster-Mullen built a replica of the atomic bomb and sells instructions and information on the same. Or did. Supposedly you can buy it from Amazon.
There is also Larry Walters who attached weather balloons to a lawn chair and went for a ride. My daughter did not want to try that.
Mr. Walters is somewhat of a personal hero of mine as I remember the live newscast of his exploits and rooting for him to get away from "emergency" workers and police who were looking for him when he came down.
I remember the interview with the airline pilot who saw him floating around. Pretty funny!
Here is a link to a site with a lot of info on Lawn Chair Larry.

And this link to interesting truckers.

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  1. Sounds like a project you might find in the old Popular Science/mechanix/illustrated magazines from the fifties and sixties. Thats why I'm saving mine . Or thats the excuse I have for not throwing them out anyway.

  2. Just remember not to take your daughter with you when you go flying in your lawnchair or they'll get you for child endangerment!

  3. Ha, if the Good Lord Would have wanted us to fly he would have given us a ticket and a pair of wings!


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