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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bob Caldwell vs Robert Caldwell

I have been thinking about the differences between the lives two people named Caldwell which I have compared though my search for juicy details on a fellow who just took the Rockefeller exit. (Click here for a funny (in my opinion) post on this subject)
Instead I found the Robert Caldwell who led a fascinating life and who should be held up as a hero. He is an example of the America that I think is long gone.
Robert Caldwell was an Intelligence officer in the US Army during WWII. He went on to be part of the CIA and took a stand against things like torture and idiotic decisions which lead to a loss of liberty and the good standing of the USA in the world. He had some really good ideas on how bad decision making and poor training can lead to ideas of conspiracies which are not there.
It also appears that his son, who wrote the biography, has a fascinating life in his own right.
Bob Caldwell was the editorial page editor of our local Big paper. He died in the arms of a prostitute who is referred to in the press as either a "College Student," or "Tigard Resident."
It is kind of funny.
Taking into account there is probably a %15.87 chance (careful calculation using the Pearson's Square gave me that number) that she was actually just a hot college student that needed encouragement and a little cash "for books," and perhaps a mentor, and the %1 chance she was really a dude, and the %5 chance she was really ugly, I'd say she is most likely an escort who uses the college student line to bring in business and seem more respectable. Not a bad marketing plan.
It is funny that she was not named in any of the stories. Is it respect for privacy? or cover-up? What would the news have been if it would have been someone else less popular?
(And there is also the chance that Mr. Caldwell really thought she was his mistress. He may have had quite fond feelings for her. I respect that. We all believe what we need to believe to make our lives work for us)
That has happened before.
It is just really good fortune that she turned out to be 25 and not 17 as was the case with this former Doctor and respected man of the community.
I bet when he found out the truth he said, "oops!"
I personally think prostitution should be legalized. Honest pay for an honest hour's fifteen minutes, three minute's two minute's work. I find the double standard shown by people in authority to be kind of amusing.
I think it should be legalized even though I would not patronize the business and would encourage people not to go into that line of work...
But, that was not the point of the post. Now I've forgotten the point of the post. Oh well...

Edit: Back after a couple hours of actual work... Yes I forgot the punchline of the joke but in talking with my brother found he found the same humor in the Bob Caldwell joke.
So here is the punchline.
In the news report they said the police did not arrest the "college student" (wink, wink...) because Bob hadn't paid for the sex that day... Now that is funny!
I just think it is a good thing the "Tigard Resident" wasn't a real stickler for payment up front! Or perhaps no one noticed all those PCC college bookstore Gift Cards laying around!
He hadn't paid yet that day so it was not "prostitution."
I swear this is the ultimate in unfairness, just ask Eddie Murphy, he was just giving the girl guy a ride home! People are still laughing at him!

Back a half hour later: The story gets even better. His wife was cool with it! Read the story and see the feminist commenter about how the wife must have low self esteem.
Ok, Help me with my belief system...
Slutwalk = Empowerment (even though it laughs in the face of being self aware and safe in the city)
College students who have lots of sex but don't charge=Really Good!
College students who have the gall to charge for the sex= Bad, especially if it is a Republican who is paying but it is ok for the girl if the guy is liked by right people and if he is "paying for books."
Old guy paying for sex=Bad unless he is liked by right people and if he is "paying for books."
Wife who is probably tired of sex and tells her husband to go find a hooker (I could be wrong on this one, but I bet not)=Bad, but only because the feminist quoted thought the Oregonian was still a so-called "conservative" newspaper and didn't realize the editorial page editor was liked by the political establishment in Portland.
Perhaps I'll just stop there as I'm getting confused...
Wonder if they will name the girl or will she fall off a roof like Eddie Murphy's boy did...
Link to an interesting story about Eddie's helpful deed. Sort of NSW (not suitable for wife)


  1. "Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion" blog got over 9000 hits from the key words "Megan Marshak".
    I wonder if a Caldwell search will do as well.
    Coincidences are the stuff of conspiracy theories. A Caldwell dug and installed our septic system. A connection? Hmmmmm.

  2. I was experimenting with searches. I may remove this post later as it may attract people who do not appreciate International Harvester Pickups


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