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Friday, March 2, 2012

What I've been doing

What I've been doing... Needs some finish work. Paint, welds, hoses, spray, a field, just little items


  1. That looks great! where's the pump?

  2. Nice stainless tank. How wide is the boom? The balance over the axle looks good. Shurflo pump? How will you keep the FarmerGPS tablet from getting wet?

  3. Looks very functional. The one I used years ago had a small plastic tank that mounted right on the quad/trike. Electric pump ran off the battery. Nice Minneapolis graveyard in the background.

  4. Pump is electric and not attached yet,
    the GPS tablet my get a little damp. Hopefully I can follow my less than straight drill rows and don't need a foam marker.
    It is only 15 ft to start with.
    -That is not a MM graveyard those are projects waiting restoration. A fine line...

  5. I know Budde. I have a few of those projects myself which some might mistake for something less flattering.


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