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Sunday, March 11, 2012

blah blah blah as usual

Stopped at a estate sale on the way to a birthday party today. Wish I would have been the first guy through the door instead of an hour before closing. Fellow was an electronics collector. There was evidence of some pretty cool stuff.
Bought an amazing vari-ac for $7 and an 8-track player recorder for $5. The 8-track was a disappointment, it works but I forgot how bad 8-track were.
The people who run estate sales are morons. You just wonder where they come from. I could do random pricing and be grumpy...
2-135 3-spd powershift failed in a mud hole while spreading fertilizer.
Belt on the mixer/grinder exploded.
I planted 60 acres of radish and managed to get the seed rate wrong, (despite hours of work setting the drill) and I got mixed up on the field size and put twice as much fertilizer in as needed. At $6 and something a gallon you don't want to be 100 gallons off. Couldn't pump it back into tank as it had an additive which I later realized I am not authorized to apply.
Gave me a bit of a sore throat. I am extremely sensitive to certain chemicals invented by the Nazi's. I didn't mix it or get near enough to inhale the fumes. I wore rubber gloves when touching anything fertilizer related and I wore safety glasses. A respirator was not required and I really couldn't smell the stuff in the tractor. However, after a few hours I got that soreness in the upper back side of my throat. I didn't get queasy and I have not gotten sick. Very strange, such small amounts should have no effect. Probably my imagination but I have got to issue a ban on additives to the fertilizer.
Have a funny news story to read. Actually it is the comments that are funny.
The clever folks sure do not like the pickup trucks...
CLick here


  1. Whew!!! I'm in the clear, they didn't mention IH pickups at all!

    1. Yeah! And they didn't mention the F250 either, which gets almost double what my IH 1210 w/od gets. Why don't all transmissions have overdrive?

  2. Budde.....Reading about a random day in your life
    makes my problems seem so insignificant. On the other hand, you get a lot more done each day than I do, (we all know you are not lazy, and I know I am.) so I guess it's just a matter of degree.
    The folks that coined the saying "make hay while the sun shines", didn't mention that the planting has to be done in the muddy season.

    1. It was a nasty day. Perhaps I shouldn't listen to Glen Campbell 8-tracks.


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