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Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh what the heck

I took my daughter for some firearms training from a licensed NRA instructor. Later we looked for arrow heads. After reading the article in Wired I realized all email and texts are being saved as well webpages and blogs, and since I sent this photo to my wife and texted her about the whole thing I guess having a photo on the Lazy Farmer ain't gonna matter.
The caption is supposed to note that we were shooting at the dirt bank. I think the infamous beaver is swimming just to the right of the black dot in the photo. You can see a faint "v" in the water. Kind of funny I think. (probably wrong but it makes a good story, kept thinking of the gopher in "Caddy Shack."


  1. Ah, an innocent black dot or a low flying drone?

  2. That looks like a High Standard she's shooting!


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