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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sergeant Schultz was just a regular guy...

The face of evil is not usually the simpering villain as show in Captain Klink. Instead it is everyday people just doing their jobs.
I've thought of that when dealing with some Hispanic people who have way too much money or some local folks who I know will steal you blind but yet are your friend when you see them in town.
And I think of it when I have my nice conversations various inspectors and petty bureaucrats who with one stroke of a pen, can fine me out of existence.
I've heard it as a child from my Uncle who immigrated to Texas from Germany between the wars and I think about it as I listen to stories told by people in LE to whom I sell hay.
My wife, by law, must report all suspicions of child abuse, OSHA inspectors MUST stop and inspect if they see any violations while driving, and I understand clergy and therapists must report anyone who asks for help which may involve suspicions of abuse.
I have been looking up convictions on Oregon's environmental crimes laws and it is amazing how little information I have found.
I did find out where an 80 year old guy is going to jail for not submitting to the authorities. They say he is not disposing of manure properly and he says he is. Of course NRCS has gone into "Captain Klink" mode and he is facing jail time unless he submits.  In the mean time local municipalities can (by accident of course) discharge MILLIONS of gallons of raw human waste into local "salmon" bearing streams with no threat of felony charges. And the irony is that if the older gentleman had this possibility of runoff written into his "conservation plan," and had applied for a CAFO permit he would be ok.
It is all about submission and assigning blame, and about a successful prosecution and a promotion. It is not about right and wrong and preventing harm to people.
This case is interesting because when you read the news story you see a picture of a independent person who believes he is right and the government who says he is wrong. I will reveal my bias when I state that I suspect much of the charge against him is manufactured to nail him for refusing to get the "correct" permit and to show how much the Gubment cares about the environment. (On the other hand I find it pretty funny that a fellow who thinks chemicals and commercial fertilizer should be banned is facing jail time for environmental crimes.)
Anyway, I'm starting to drift on my subject matter a little.
Here is a link to quotes from the ODA official who has the power of life and death over all of us.
He thinks he is a good person. He talks about how people are thankful that State has shown them the error of their ways. Well, of course... When he smacks you in the side of the head you say, "thank you may I have another," if you piss off the petty officials they fine you out of existence and you are guilty of a felony.
Take a good look at those quotes. That is the smiling face of oppression. "After all, it is for your own good."
And now I'm going to work...
One final thought, with the growing number of felony convictions for code violations, meaning random laws made up by regulatory officials, why is there not a lobbying group for convicted felons? I suppose by the time the State is done with them they have no finances but why not band together to hire a PR firm and improve their image? It worked for the "religion of peace," why not give it a try?

Edit: Here is a link to a local dispute, who do you want to believe? Farmer or the developer? And does the silt in the steam really matter? Erosion occurs in nature. It is part of the circle of life. We should not purposely pollute, purposely create horrible erosion problems, dump municipal sewage into the Yamhill... But of course, the question is, what about enforcement.


  1. Dern tootin' siltation is natural! If we'd have let nature take its course, not nearly so much of Llouisiana would have flooded during Katrina. It would have been higher ground and there would have been protective shoals off-shore like there used to be.

  2. The felony charges are on the books to force you to submit to any trumped up civil charges they might care to levy.

  3. Funny thing is I ran across some comments by a former local NRCS official and I got the feeling he looked down on us backward folks a bit. I was nice to us all but I understand he thought I was a hick. (Which is true but I hate the condescention)
    It just serves to remind one that no official is really your friend, especially if you are under their jurisdiction.

  4. The laws are on the books to make money for the lawyers that write them. The money spent in that farmers prosecution could have been better used to improve his run-off barriers. No lawyers needed.


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