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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fire Truck on Craigslist that the fellow paid $1800 for

And now wants just a little bit more!
Pretty funny...
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  1. Maybe we should go into the fire truck and Metregon business. That one on ePay started at $1.00 is at $5,000.00 and has only been on a day.

  2. You should offer $1,000. Maybe he'll get no bids and get worried he'll be stuck with it.

  3. This is how many people make a living. Free enterprise is alive and well, until the IRS catches up with him.

    I also agree with "Left Bank." Free enterprise works both ways.

    Grace and peace.

  4. I offered him $1,800.00. His response:
    "dont waist my tme please"
    If I felt that way, I wouldn't have answered, and I probably would have had better spelling. Is that a result of the latest generations affinity for texting? Where spelling is corrupted by someone who is all thumbs?


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