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Monday, March 26, 2012

What the Treyvon uproar is really about...

I am a slow learner...
I was thinking about the whole Florida thing while loading some hay this morning and I had to come back in and post.
I would like to first apologize for anyone offended by my previous comments on the "Undeniable Virtue of the Oppressed," post.
I fell for the trap!
The reason that this shooting in Florida is all over the news is that it is the perfect tool for activism.
You have the wronged minority and there is a huge bonus in that he is underage.
BUT...on the other hand you have a Hispanic guy with a "white" name who also can put forth a defense but who used a hand gun and a self-defense law. Of course this incident gets national headlines, it is not a good example of racism.
Here I am looking at the "other" side of the story and trying to say wait a minute, but in the same time alienating my readers of color.
It brings forth confrontation and anger.
So sides are drawn and people go after each other , back vs white vs brown. No money is to be made, and no power is to be attained from everyone just getting along! Exceedingly clever. I didn't really look at it from that angle until I read Stanchez's comment on the previous blog.
 Very clever... I bet no one can set their cherished personal ideals aside and look at it from that angle!


  1. Stirred up a hornets nest here, Budde. Three offensives with as many posts.
    At least it gets us thinking, something a few in the world don't ever do.
    Keep it up!

  2. Bobby, I should have kept that opinion to myself. I just don't understand the obsession into canonizing those who make bad decisions. Kind of like those crosses alongside the highway. If I bite it I don't want a monument to the spot while I decided to text while driving or whatever.
    I think both parties were wrong and that both people's experience should serve as a cautionary tale instead of calling it racism. But, there I go again...


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