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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The age of American Censorship

I had an interesting and fun day. However, I think it best not to post about what I did. I also pointed out to the other person involved that it would be best not to mention what we did to friends.
I'd kind of like to post about it.
Ten years ago it would have been fine.
Lets say we went on a walk and enjoyed the beauties of nature. We learned some important things about safety and Frank James would have approved.
We also enjoyed some history and wondered about those who lived here before we did.
We looked for evidence of their lives, but left it as we found it.

When we got home we listened to the Legendary Stardust cowboy...
Shadow of a Tiger, it is a good thing we learned about a certain type of responsibility and safety earlier in the day...
I couldn't find the song on youtube so here is "Bathroom Blues."
I hope what ever agent is assigned to monitoring The Lazy Farmer is a fan of the Ledge


  1. Hoo! Let's roll down the top and drive this thing to Californie!

    Gotta admit I liked him better with his shorts froze to the clothesline. Still, nice thumb in the eye for them what oversees and kaboshes. Spooks at NSA: try playing backward at full volume for secret uplifting moral message.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. No one will ever know! Haaahahahahahaha

    3. I know... Now to get out my secret decoder ring. I actually have one, but I just don't know were I put it.

  2. FGIKFYUO*JKJHNBVDI:UY(*P#_)^&*#E$67-06987^&*6&_)*7`162 01vbgx-vb193x!PBB-`192vb-198xvbVJKHJKLJFJGHKfkiu*yot&p(*&^*&*645745&($7694RER765ERITYrITYDRFFHcHCGHChkcHGKCGHKCHCGHKcGHKCFHGHGHCH!!!!!!!!1

  3. We now have the Ledge on a continuous loop.
    We keep hearing voices.

    1. (Assuming that you are a government agent) Great! 10 billion dollars of taxpayer money and one post on the legendary stardust Cowboy shuts the whole thing down.
      Look, you keep listing for voices in the Ledge Singing, "Stuck in a trashcan thinking of you," and you will hear them.


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