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Friday, March 30, 2012

I have nothing to say...

I got up this morning after hearing torrential rain all night. I checked the river level before I went to bed. I looked out the little view corridor between my carport, the dead tractors, by brother's house and the old walnut tree to see if I could see water. I could.
The river has flooded once again.
Once again I have not moved my old IH truck. There should be a good half inch of mud in the transmission and rear ends. So... if Ralph wants any gauges or truck parts he had better let me know. Not that I will actually get around to scrapping it, but I will think about it every so often, which is just as good-except for the money/income part. It is kind of how I deal with my non-addiction to playing the lottery. I just think I might win, despite the fact that I never play...
I listened to "longhair" music at the far end of the dial last night. The wife and child are gone to the beach for spring break. That is one trip that didn't turn out quite like expected. However, the Oregon coast is pretty neat in a storm. Obviously you are not going to walk on the beach but you can go stir crazy playing pictionary in the hotel room whilst the horizontal rain blasts the windows with the force of a midlevel Harbor Freight pressure washer...
If gas was not so expensive I feel like I'm riding Mr. Garrisons bicycle every time I fill up I would drive out there.
Speaking of Mr. Garrison... I lost the check for my Disk Mower, and had to drive into Salem last night to get another one. I took the guy some spare parts I had found, which ought to pay for the "stop payment"  on the old check. I do not know how I could lose a check that I was that proud of. I never let it out of my site except for that missing 5 minutes hour that I can't account for.
Aliens? Hot Russian spy with mind blocking drugs?
Probably I hit my head on something... Cell phone radiation... The Ledge...
I don't know.
I guess I will wander outside and wait for the neighbor to tell me that my truck is underwater again...
I was not meant to be a farmer.


  1. Natasha doesn't trump the Ledge to whom you should be impervious by now, cell phone radiation has been debunked or not, aliens don't go where steam powered robots play banjos. Kind of leaves the bonk to the noggin theory. Go easy on old number 7 and don't look down.

    1. Which leaves the question: Which way is down when you are on your back under a tractor? I would suggest a hard hat well lined with aluminum foil. Just to be safe.
      Way too much rain here. Will it ever dry out?

  2. Different worlds again. Dry as ever here and I guess I need to start thinking about field work, a month ahead of normal. Not complaining, just struggling to adjust to climate change.

  3. I swear it will never stop raining... Dadburn global warming. We didn't have this type of weather until I started working on my own a/c.

  4. We're feeling lucky to finally get a few days of Portland weather. Overcast, light rain, wind less than fifteen. Ground is too dry, warm enough to plant a month too soon. 2012 wouldn't have to try very hard to turn into a serious drought around here.

  5. Had to be the Ledge. I heard if you play him in reverse, you can hear his words from the underworld. Kinda like rain dance music.


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