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Friday, March 2, 2012

It is a sprayer you pull behind a 4 wheeler or small tractor

Supposed to work on wet ground but It may be a little heavy. No foam markers. It has 15ft boom, same width as the drill. If I measured correctly, and that is a big "if," the tires will fit down 24" fescue rows or 30 inch corn rows.
It has an electric pump. Note the battery and pump mounted on tongue. The tank can be adjusted fore and aft to change weight distribution. I was going to put mounting brackets for a row sprayer on the tongue close to the hitch, but ran out of time. Putting a row sprayer behind you is hard on the neck. The idea would be for it to be lined up with the wheels so as long as the tractor or 4wheeler tires are between the row the row sprayer is lined up properly. With a long tongue you have less problems with over steer and the resulting "cultivator blight."
Anyway, have to get drill going. Have a planting job. Sprayer is almost finished.


  1. Interesting. I keep being reminded of how little I know about where our food comes from and the tremendous amount of experience and skill involved. People like me tend to think that you just throw a bunch of seed out and go drink coffee until it is ready to harvest, which of course is done in an afternoon riding in an air-conditioned tractor listening to the stereo.

    How little us urban folk understand.

    Thanks for the products of your labor.

    Grace and peace.

    1. Pumice, actually that is exactly how it is done. Please don't tell anyone else. The photos of my projects are taken from surplus footage from "Pickers," and "Antiques Road Show," and um... "Hoarders." In fact I am sitting in my Lazy-Boy Recliner right now.

  2. The wheels are too close together for West Virginia work. It would tip sideways and roll you into the holler!

  3. Take the corners slow, the cg is a little high.
    If you made a box frame for the tank to sit in it would lower it & then it would work better when you bring it over here to spray the scotch broom on the hills here. After you recover that is. And when you get some spare time. And if it's not raining. Oh..... I'm beginning to see the wisdom of your design. Your place is mostly pretty flat.


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