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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to my regular programming... Things go wrong, old stereo stuff, and so on, and on and on...

I suppose I will have to go back and delete the previous posts as the search engine will bring people who don't really care about old farm equipment and farming.
I am back to my usual activities, grinding feed, old music, dynaco stereo equipment, and sitting on my arse in the easy chair.
I had to make feed the other day and hooked up the Super. The M670 super has a lot more bottom end than the IH 656. Actually it has quite a bit more horsepower all the way around.
I've been rebuilding the PTO on the 656. It comes out in one piece. I had it all back together and then knocked it off the bench busting off top of the control rod. A new control rod costs $100. I did jump back quickly so it did not land on my feet. I suppose new feet would cost more than $100.

Later I rebuilt my baby Advent speakers. I bought a kit on eBay which was well reviewed. It came with new tweeters and woofers and crossovers and not real good instructions. The family helped me install them.

I was so enthused that I decided to take my Dynaco stuff off of the table and install it in the bookshelf. The Dynaco components are not very deep and will fit nicely on a bookshelf.
I soon discovered why those bookshelves were such a good deal... They are crap!


  1. I bought a couple of those (looks like wood but aren't) (assemble your self) book shelves. My shelves are all bent like yours. They look nice from a distance though. I'm pretty sure Lowes charged close to $100.00 for them. I should have just bought some pine boards and cinder blocks like in the old days at school.

  2. I see you have retired the old hammer mill. Nice New Holland mixer. I've looked at them but am currently attempting to resurrect an old IH hammer mill that I rescued from an abandoned farm yard where it was rusting away. Awaiting the initial test run with a mix of hopefullness and concern.

  3. Ralph, parts for this mixer are horribly expensive. A new screen set me back $250, new main drive belt $275. I probably shouldn't have run 140 hp through it. I think the M670 Super is a little easier on it that the White 2-135.
    I like to resurrect old junk that should be scrapped so I will not add any comments on the IH project.
    Don't grind rocks. I've found that to be a bad idea.

  4. These came from BiMart and were some incredible closeout deal. Way under $100 but probably more than $40.
    I beefed it up this evening with a couple pieces of steel. Can't even tell.
    Listening to the Allman brothers on your father's stereo. Hope he doesn't mind...

  5. Above reply did not go where it was supposed to but I'm sure you know who it was directed at.

  6. Have any more pieces of that steel laying around?


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