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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I accomplish almost nothing today

I took dad to the Doctor.
His lack of prune juice caused some difficulties for him. The Dr. suggested a more reliable means of regulating certain functions and I discovered that medically approved and packaged fiber is about the same price as $3.75 a quart prune juice. There has got to be a cheaper source of prunes.
In other news, I attempted to buy dad a new printer yesterday. In his quest to sell enough moisture testers to make us independently wealthy dad has been scouring the yellow pages for businesses with any connection to wood, concrete, hay, soil, dry wall, carpet, or anything else that could possibly be tested for moisture with a hand held moisture tester. He has entered all these names into a database in Filemaker Pro 2.0 under system 9 which is running in Classic Mode on his G4  1.42  14" iBook and then he prints envelopes. He makes up his own flyers on the photocopy machine to put into the envelopes but that is not the problem. It is printing the envelopes. The printer won't print and so I get a call. This is due to one of four things. 1. The printer is turned off 2. The USB cable is unplugged  3. Laserwriter 8 is not selected in the chooser under control panels under the little OS 9 icon. 4. He put the print monitor on hold accidently.
Finally the printer died. It would not pull the envelopes through the tractor feed.
So, I went to town and bought a printer.
I wanted to get a capacitor for the electric motor on my wife's table saw but apparently this must come from Craftsman. Three electrical supply stores in town told me that.
You cannot buy a cheap simple under $100 printer. I ended up with an Epson all-in-one scanner, fax, copier, printer, with wireless networking.
I brought it home and it hooked up to the airport network and he was back in the envelope printing business again.
I attempted to play a trick on him by having him hold one end of the USB cord and touch the printer with the other hand because he couldn't understand how I would get it to print without plugging in a wire to the computer but he would not fall for it.
Dad is 92. Keep that in mind when you are thinking about his Moisture Tester selling empire. He does well for 92 but I often wonder what those people who receive his hand-made flyers think.
After I brought him home from the Doctor I changed the oil in the M670 and attempted to properly line up the sheet metal and find all the oil leaks. Then I decided to install a loader. Mostly I just wandered around aimlessly and was cold. Oh, and I put out mouse bait in the barn and a couple trucks. It took me till 7:30 p.m. to do all of this.
I also listened to a radio report about the FBI recruited fake Christmas Tree bomber. (latest news) For some strange reason the tape recorder malfunctioned while the almost-a-great-bomber was being recruited by the FBI. So, we will never know if he was set up or not. I really trust the authorities to do the right thing so I am absolutely positive that he begged the officer to let him join the local Christmas Tree destruction Jihad mosque team.
Or maybe it was because he was so angry that he somehow got on the blacklist no-fly list and lost his job in Alaska  that he wanted to blow up a great public building. I guess we will never know cause recording equipment malfunctioned.
The worst thing about this is (aside from more loss of civil liberties for us that will surely follow) is that I find myself defending someone/something that is morally reprehensible. I also read today that the Islamic state in Iran just hung a soccer players mistress for killing his ex-wife. The ex-brother-in-law happily kicked the chair out from underneath her. Remember now, this is the 21st century!
And with all the craziness associated with this religion it would seem that... oh I don't know. Something is wrong here. Somehow it is all a setup. Just too convenient.
Edit: The article I linked to does not mention the missing recording, nor does it detail how he was put on the no-fly list, then contacted, then given an apartment in Portland, money, trained in bomb making, given a list of targets (my words) or questioned if he wanted to blow up baby infidels and whorish western women. I can't find the article I read but I thought it was on Oregon Live.
You know this war on terror will never end... We are not even taking their oil-what is the point?


  1. The "War on Terror", as it's been run so far, serves no other purpose than to slowly enslave Americans. They've gotten their excuse, so they'll milk it for all it's worth now.

  2. Good for your dad, he is staying active. Now if you can just keep all of him active!

  3. Budde, your Dad is pretty amazing to be doing all he does at 92.
    The war on terror, just the latest big worry and it seems theres always been something. The "cold war", the iron curtain, the worry of atomic bombs falling and school kids learning to "duck and cover". Some younger readers will not recognize those terms as they date back to the fifties and sixties.

  4. Gorges, I may take down the last part of my post. What is the point? I find it way too depressing that the fellow I got suckered into voting for sent us down the road to ruin and the fellow my neighbor's voted for is the same guy in black-face.
    Ed, Dad is a big of a challenge. Perhaps I should put you on his calling and mailing list. I bet you need a soil moisture tester and a dickey-john compaction meter. He doesn't take credit cards but he will mail it to you and you can pay him later.
    Ralph, Dad makes me realize what shear will-power can do for you!
    The US war on terror is getting a little out of hand. I liked the old "cold war." The whole mutually assured destruction thing was a downer but freedom of movement was nice and everyone loved you if you had a blue passport. Perhaps we should start a petition to return to commies as the enemy and see if we could get Russia to put the Wall back up. I'd be a lot more comfortable with that comic foil.

  5. Please have your dad send a flyer to the Mennonite Village/Daniel Headings 5353 Columbus St SE Albany, Or 97322. Thanks


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