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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our farm is underwater!

Here is the view of our farm. If you look closely you can see dry ground under the neighbor's linear. That of course is not our farm... We even had some snow! It didn't stick.

I just got a call from the uncle. Someone is at the shop who wants hay. I hate selling hay three bales at a time. I was just at the shop five minutes ago and came to the house for my checkbook. They show up for hay only when I have walked out the door or have gone to lunch or am otherwise busy.
While I am annoyed and hay customers are waiting for me, let me express myself further.
I would like a break from pets. Cats underfoot, or complaining about what ever stupid things cats complain about. They want out or the want in or they want to pee on something.
Dogs who bark at every Dodge Diesel that drives by, but yet we still lose gasoline from trucks near the road.  One smart dog is better than three stupid dogs any day of the week.
I suppose I should take care of my hay customer.
I like making hay, I just hate dealing with selling the hay.
If I wanted to be a salesman, I'd be a #$%^&*ing salesman...


  1. You sound aggravated like we all get, I sure do. That water doesn't look good. Hang in there.

  2. If I were feeling really mean, I'd park a truck that hasn't run in thirteen years out by the road with about 10 gallons of old gas in the tank in which were dissolved as much sugar as 10 gallons of old gas will take...

    Same problem around here. Live near a highway, forget about keeping anything more volatile than diesel on the place. Don't bother locking your gas caps, they've got hammers.

    Mr. three bales of hay? It's the future. Offer him some wine samples in the waiting room. Set out a tip jar. Hire a barrista.

    Ever tried distilling alfalfa? Or your patented chicken mix?

  3. Hey, collieguy, you forgot to tell him to say it's "green grown" and to charge extra for it!

  4. Thanks for all your support... I am actually thinking of getting a setup to take visa through my cell phone. I need to see the future, Budd E. Shepherd Wine and Hay and Bicycle tours. At noon and coffee time daily, frequently on Sunday.
    This weekend exclusive, view wheat fields from a glass bottomed boat!
    If you can beat them, join them.

  5. I have heard of a salvage artist in your area who could design and make bicycle racks out of useless farm equipment. And barn board benches for your Wine and Hay Tour clients to grace with their spandex clad bottoms while enjoying a coffee break with genuine Rural Rustics. That part alone should be worth $50 an hour.

  6. Well it could be snow instead. Thanks for the preview of what my fields will look like next spring when all this snow melts.
    No danger of that today, -12F this morning.

  7. I see more spandex clad bicycle riders here on Muddy Valley Rd than pickup trucks! You may be on to something!


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