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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Someone is overcompensating....

Ok, I should never have watched Brokeback Mountain. But, I do think it was an absolutely hilarious movie and I can never look at Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger without laughing again.
I found this link to Jake and Taylor Swift on the fox shooting farmer page and got a good laugh. The romance is pretty funny as it is such a publicity setup as is Jake's new movie with him as a Viagra salesman with his wife from Brokeback Mountain as a co-star? I thought I was homophobic!
He should just rent billboards proclaiming, "It was just a movie, Stop laughing at me!"
My question is which one of the gay cowboys "embarrassed" themselves while filming the movie? The one who "overdosed" or the one who is "over-compensating?"
When you talk about civil rights and tolerance Hollywood is always the most offensive but not always the most open minded. Films were not integrated, ever hear the term "blacksploitation?" did audiences demand that? Who wrote the racist cartoons I enjoy so much? Not the audiences!
So they come out with a film that is supposed to make us all open-minded but is a string of gay stereotypes? Right... It was a joke!
Good luck there Jake. we are all sure you are totally straight! (not that it matters...)

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