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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What would Will James Do?

Some years ago (I was just out of college) I read an interview where a Canadian western singer talked about getting a job at a ranch and realizing he knew much less than he thought he did. He faked it by remembering Will James stories and when he got into a pinch he would think, "What would Will James do?"

 (I lifted this photo from this University of Nevada website but it is in the flyleaf of my 80 year-old-book so I doubt it is still copyrighted)
I found the book "Lone Cowboy" in a shabby old used book store in Columbus, Ohio and read it cover to cover a couple times. I took Will James for somewhat of a hero myself. Somewhat of a tragic and flowed hero so I don't really recommend it. I suppose that when most of your adventures occur in your head as you are driving a tractor in circles it doesn't really count as life experiences though...

Books by Will James 

I enjoyed "Home Ranch" and "Drifting Cowboy," but of course "Smoky" and "Lone Cowboy" are probably the best known.
Will James was quite the tortured soul. He had a huge battle with depression and alcohol. Sort of the Hank Williams of Western writing. I don't know how much to reveal about him as he is part myth himself. Just read the books and remember the old ways.

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