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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wikileaks will be a major excuse for internet regulation...

It is all a bunch of BS and it is working. Wikileaks is a tool. It brings out people who want to reveal secret information so that they can be prosecuted and it will bring about strict regulation of the internet.
Sure they hacked Sarah Palin's website... That accomplishes what? Oh, yeah, it gets us out here in the sticks all fired up with patriotism cause they went after Sarah.
In defense of my statement I ask you, what actually dangerous information has been leaked? The leaked cables seem to me to be a way to tell some people off and to show how tough the US is. Sure there has to be some real intelligence given away so that it sound credible but I doubt you will get the code to the bomb button or anything like that. Everybody know we killed civilians and sniped people out of helicopters. So what?
Just a cog in a wheel...

Note: I see the Classic Liberal has also posted about this issue.


  1. Seems the Gummint could have done a better job of keeping the virtual barn door shut...And yah, we're likely going to see the internet get a little snake-bit over it.

  2. I think it is a setup somehow. Too slick and too lucky and it just seems fishy. Wish the clever folks would decide they didn't have to run the world and just leave us alone.

  3. Well it kind of ruined Hilary Clinton's chances of running for president in '12 so maybe that was part of the reason.


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