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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Long Live the Family Farm? AGCO discontinued the website...big surprise!I!

AGCO amuses me. They seem to have taken all the worse corporate aspects of White (excluding the brief period when they were White/New Idea) and applied them to becoming the biggest brand in agricultural history. Sort of the American Motors of the ag-world. That is not a compliment...
So, while parts prices climb and old brands are killed off, AGCO continues to acquire and then neglect or murder long standing brands. Sure it has happened everywhere else, lawn mowers, power tools, toys, whatever... But it is sad to see it happen.
There was a AGCO heritage push a while back. I see that I wrote about it February 10th of 2009. (Click here) and Ed Winkle was very excited about it on February 7th-I got there from his post. (Click here)
If you try to go to the AGCO website which was formerly, you just end up at a site for some modern tractor that is a bastardization of several brands.
I have been drooling over Cat Challengers and if the economy would just improve a little I'd seriously look at one to pull my drill and replace the old 2-155. Used of course... Still, I'm angry over parts prices and the fact that they killed Hesston, ruined Wilmar, Farmhand, and all the other brands. So perhaps not... If they bought CIH it would be a real shame.
I might actually buy a John Deere.


  1. Is it CIH or CNH? Things keep changing so much in the world of farm machinery that I can hardly keep up anymore. Life was so much simpler when we had 5 separate farm machinery dealers in our little village.

  2. Ralph, Yes it is CNH. The IH is nothing but a shade of paint!
    Life was better with 5 SEPARATE farm machinery dealers. It was called competition but they don't have that anymore...

  3. Oh no! Not a John Deere!


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