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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random observations

I have a neighbor who wants me to plant. I think that the wheat will set in the cold ground till February and mold. It would be better to plant in February and then the ground would start to warm up.
I need to sell some 200 tons of hay and no one really wants to buy it. I will say that selling 200 tons, 5 bales at a time on Craigslist is a hard way to make a buck.
Our neighbor was going to clean some Meadow Foxtail seed for us but has now discovered he can't clean it. Instead of getting it moved out of his shed to the place that can clean it and wants to do it, he seems to be helping his girlfriend's brother cut up scrap metal to make money. So he has two semi-trucks and a sprayer, and a seed cleaner, (with seed to clean) and he is doing scrap metal? Many farmers are doing custom trucking and I there is a need for custom spraying as the clever folks at the local co-op have been contracting with a famous land stealer for spraying. Who parked in the Amity Mormon church parking lot on Sunday to spray our field and I felt compelled to apologize and now they will want me to cut their back lot for hay.
Pop culture, I was wondering how I got so many hits yesterday and was looking at what searches brought up The Lazy Farmer. Somehow I wandered across a much younger relative who is a more successful writer than I. Now, I do not want to hurt the feelings of any of my relatives but...
So you got to diss your small town upbringing which got you where you are today! The Oregon Metro area is not a small town. I've been to small towns in the middle of the Midwest and that is small town. Our area is a bedroom community of Portland. Most of the jobs in our county are government jobs. So, the place is full of those artsy high school kids that want to be black and live in New York. And the earnest young teachers who would love to have diversity in their classroom but haven't the balls for Harlem.
2. I'm sure you realize you don't have to believe everything you are taught but by just buying a line of political BS some moronic college professor tells you does not make you a free thinker. That college professor has been spouting the same line since 1968 and may never have had a real job in his life. Just cause it is different than what you heard at church doesn't make it anymore true than the teachings you rejected. He or she, is not talking the truth, rather the Professor is trying to gain self importance/worth by bringing you over to their team. It is how the gain prestige and self worth. Others of us work and support the leach with our tax dollars.
3. Going off on how rich white men rule the world is a good way to make it with the hipster journalism crowd but do you think you would have got the job if you were not female and skinny? What if you were fat? Do rich white men rule the world?
4. You are not black. It is funny to see a white chick write about rap music and love rap music but the whole black rap experience is not supposed to translate to white suburbia. Of course there are no old school rappers left, they are all dead. So I guess my point is lost. Popular rap music is written for white suburban kids by black suburban kids who are pretending to have lived on the streets. So, I guess I will just leave that one alone but it is pretty amusing. I didn't know Kayne West moved serious thinkers to anything but laughter. Kayne singing about suffering? Talking about George Bush? The Taylor Swift thing? Is he white?  He is shrill and kind of feminine and I think Biggie Smalls would have kicked his girlish bottom.
5. I think it is great that you are writing and making a living from it. I guess I have to say that in today's market what ever angle you can use to sell copy is probably a good idea.


  1. Great rant! Its fun to hear pretensions exposed so well. I enjoy hearing you go off on your relatives, we all have relatives that need to be poked fun at. I wonder how that works the next time you see them? Are you hoping they don't read your blog or do you just poke fun at relatives you don't care about? I am not criticizing I am just curious how you work that out. As a blogger you are blessed with many entertaining people around you!

  2. "I have a neighbor who wants me to plant. " Cash in advance if he won't take advice! On the other hand, you might get the opportunity to blog about getting stuck again.
    Rap is not music!

  3. Anonymous, I just hope they post here anonymously so I feel guilty about it but am never actually sure who it is. And I avoid family reunions. Plus, I figure many people in the family poke fun at me and so it probably evens out.

    Muddyvalley, I offered by opinion and then I just do my best to make it work...
    Yes I agree, Rap is not music...

  4. Budde, the closest I get to liking rap music is one "Buck Sixtyfive", a Canadian boy worth a listen. Although maybe his music is closer to hip hop but whatever, I like it. I liked this one even before I saw the video on youtube. I like it even more now.
    I can't make those fancy clickable blue links like you but hope this will work.

  5. The closest I get to hip hop is Troy "trombone" Shorty. The closest I get to rap is when I hear it blaring from some teenagers car.


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