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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amimals in the house

We live in a small manufactured home. It is pretty airtight and well insulated. At one point it had wall to wall carpeting.
In this home we have two cats and a dog.
We can rationalize this all in several ways. For example the one cat goes out a lot and the dog is outside all day. The second cat is a kitten which was brought home because it was so cute.
The dog is a small old white german shepherd. The dog stares at my wife. That is pretty much her life. She stares at my wife when she is home and then when she is gone she stares at the point where her car used to be.
Sometimes she chases the pickup down the highway when I take the kids to school. Sometimes she just stands in the middle of the road and stares in the direction my wife was last seen driving.
Sometimes the neighbors bring her home. I have no idea what she was doing at their house. Probably staring at them and it made them nervous. People don't usually bring your dogs home. They yell at them, shoot them, yell at you, but they hardly ever pick them up in their vehicles and drive them home.
She is a nice dog and the kids like her. She follows them around and stares at them. Sometimes she plays fetch. She has very soft fur and she likes it when the kids pet her or hug her.  They think she is "watching," and not staring and interpret this as being protective.
If Stanley, the Great Dane/Austrailian Shepherd is not around she barks at anyone who comes to the house. She will bark at them continuously and will not make friends with them. Usually these are people who all the other dogs like. She will continue barking even after they have left.
Sometimes she has a seizure. That is kind of entertaining.
But, I digress.
My lovely wife is painting the bedroom.  So we are sleeping in the den/guest room/museum of my collections.
Last night I stayed up a little later and watched a movie. My wife was well asleep when I got to bed. She had been cold so I turned up the furnace. The bed is right next to with window. The huge old cat was curled up next to her.
The kitten followed me. I don't know why as when it sets on my head or attacks my foot under the covers I tend to kick it and make it fly thought the air.
At once point I woke with a tail in my ear and a furry cat butt in my face. Then there was a cat attacking my foot. Then the dog started licking himself. Then there was a cat on my head. Then the dog started making strange whining noises in his sleep.
Fortunately my wife woke up at 3 a.m. and started cleaning the kitchen. The animals followed her and I went to sleep.
I have my opinion about where animals belong. I find that I am disgusted by little piles of fur, animals licking their privates in the living room, and that faint pet oder that is the hallmark of a cat person/mixed with the smell of dog.
I think I would rather have another child...


  1. I always swore I'd never have an animal in the house. Now, I prefer my dog's company to that of most people I know (except conservative bloggers, of course).

  2. I grew up with cats in the house and thought nothing of it. Now my cats live in a nice barn with the bantam chickens and I live alone in a cat hair-free house. I think we are all happy.

  3. Gorges, you know I could see your point as far as dogs go.

    Ralph, I also agree with you... However, I think if I banned the cats to the barn I would also be living alone...


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