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Saturday, December 11, 2010

It is so going to flood!

Still wind and rain. The US Weather service says it may flood. I think it might!
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Thanks to a faithful follower I now have the clutch out of the G706. Found a NOS pilot bearing, (restocked in December of 1992) and the friction pad that slows the transmission gears down when the clutch is disengaged. (restocked in 1957) so it must also fit a MM model G.
I think I'll just use a die grinder on the clutch shifting fork and put it all back together. I will be ok for another five years. In five years who knows? I'll probably be at the Happy Hills Sanitarium or a Group Home somewhere...


  1. Or planting wheat for Davy Jones.

  2. G706, I remember that rare bird. Brother bought one near the town I worked in around 1990, the FWA really rare option. I wonder if he still has that tractor?

  3. Collieguy, Especially if Global warming melts the polar ice caps and floods the coast range!!!

    Ed, I really like the old G706. It will pull anything or climb anything. We have used it to skid logs, climb the old manure pile on the hill behind the barn, pulling an old Eversman box scraper, pulling Freeman baler, oh... and farming. It was the first over 100hp tractor we bought and it was just about worn out when we bought it. It doesn't turn quite as sharp as a modern tractor and it leaks a little oil but it is ok. You can kick back in the seat and prop your feet up and listen to that big old six cylinder all day.
    On the other hand, in my brief experience running G705, not having the FWA just makes it a big old pig of a tractor.

  4. Well,I ended up at the Oliver Cletrac sites thru Google. Started with the mm, went thru the Jet star, and found a lot out there.
    There went two hrs of my life.

    Thanks for the trip.


  5. Beautiful photo!

  6. Bobby, well it is called "The Lazy Farmer," so it is supposed to be a was of time. Also, MM made a crawler of which I would love to have an example.

    Housewife, glad you liked the photo. I like the reflection of the telephone pole. It was so cold when I took that picture. It is actually from a year ago. Didn't get that high yet this year.


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