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Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm thinking of taking up model rocketry as a hobby (again)

It is high time my nephews experienced the thrill of blowing things up. What sort of an uncle would I be if I did not supply them with M-80's or show them how to make bombs out of black powder and plastic pipe?
Well, perhaps times have changed a little and I suppose the authorities would frown on such actions...
You know the problem with this world is that the worst sorts of people are in charge of everything. All those folks that ratted you out in high school and who you used to make fun of-because they begged for it, they are in charge of the world.
Like that girl in band class that would tell on you for throwing stuff at the drum section when the band teacher wasn't looking. Who got mad at us for throwing the teacher's stapler over the wall into the weight room. (big crash from the next room.) The kid who would whine to the Ag teacher when someone stuck a hot welding rod through his water bucket and made it drain out on his pants leg. Those are the sorts of people who thrive in the modern political system.
They never did burnouts, drove 100 mph, E-brake turns in their brother's ford pinto, or taped rude signs on the backs of substitute teachers. So they are ones who label everything that is fun and challenging a public menace.
I really have no idea, I just know that you can't make fun explosives anymore and if you are unsuccessful at outrunning the cops they pull guns on you. Note: I have not eluded or attempted to elude a police officer in since 1982 but I sometimes listen to kids tell stories. Actually I have not driven over 45 mph in the last five years and my wife can back that statement up!
Just the same, I support those types of actions and think more kids should do wild and crazy things and less time setting around, taking drugs, screwing monkeys, and doing vandalism and theft.
But, I digress.
The family watched "October Skys." (A movie in which Jake Gyhellhalmiher does not Indian Love Wrestle any cowboys. Also when Jake makes moon-eyes at the handsome football player standing behind the cute girl one should not say in a girlish voice, "oh, Heath!" as ones more mature wife will be disgusted with you.)
It based on a true story about some kids who build Amateur rockets. (There is no mention that they got started with this project through the Boy Scouts as Hollywood does not like the Boy Scouts.) You can look the movie up by clicking here.
Some years ago I used to build and launch the Estes balsa wood and cardboard rockets. I did a search for the company and they still exist.
I think my launch pad is up in the attic of Dad's house and you can still buy rocket engines from hobby shops.
I see there is even a website for the old Jetex reusable rocket motors that powered airplanes. I always wanted one of those. A company in Eastern Europe makes the Javelin but you probably can't get that here.
It should be pretty fun to launch the model rockets and we have lots of room to do it. The question is, will I actually do it?
I also found a site that shows how to make your own engines using KNO3 and sugar so perhaps we could go a little larger scale. Hmmm...


  1. Now, Budd, you're already dangerously close to being one of those "do not fly" fellows. Better not tempt fate by doing any flying of your own!

    Incidentally, I saw a blog post mentioning that now might be a good time to stock up on hunting and fishing supplies. Considering who's in office, maybe we should take every cent we have and buy ammunition while it's still legal. Otherwise, we may soon find ourselves hunting possums with slingshots just to survive (now that Congress is getting the food "safe.")

  2. Gorges, I think you are too late. I'm not sure if you can even buy .22 ammo now or not, but you couldn't last summer. At our local store varmet type ammo like .22-250 was available, but not .22. Shotgun shells are in abundance. Don't know about fish hooks. I suppose they will be next.
    I think it may already be illegal to hunt opossums with slingshots, not humane, you know.


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