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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eat, Pray, Live, is a horrible movie.

We are watching Eat, Pray, Live. We were going to relax and just watch a movie. My wife is sleeping on the couch. She is lucky. I watching...
It is a stupid and shallow movie. I say this after watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Lots of filler. They get a divorice cause the main character is way too self absorbed and feels unhappy and trapped. She takes up with a younger man and breaks up because she feels unhappy. Now she is in Italy eating and is currently happy. Lots of stupid and supposedly deep observations about how to enjoy life and that the pizza is really good and if you gain ten pounds it is ok.
Julia Roberts says to her much hotter friend who has gained ten pounds. When you take off your clothes in front of a man does he ever kick you out because he doesn't think you are hot enough? No, he thinks he has won the lottery because he has a naked woman in his room.
Right, he just won't call you back.
I see that she is now unhappy again.
You know I have seen My dinner with Andre' and I get the food metaphor. I also saw Eating Raoul which was pretty funny.
It is just one obvious cliche about relationships after another all strung together. Julia Roberts is kind of starting to look old.
It is just not working for me.
I'd rather watch a Jane Austin costume drama.
Just live your ^&*(^%ing life.

The main character leaves her husband because she can afford to. She says they have nothing in common but he says he is trying to make her happy, he loves her, he wants to make her happy. She has to follow her dreams.
People are not always happy. In fact I would bet you are unhappy more than you are happy. You just live your life and do the best you can, what more meaning is there in life?

Oh my goodness. She is in India at some temple and now she has met a sidekick type guy from Texas. This is truly pathetic. He calls her "groceries" since she eats a lot. "I think you have the capacity, some day, to love the whole world," he says. This is so preachy. If he was saying you "gotta love Jesus," put your sins under the blood and accept the forgiveness of God, people would laugh. Somehow this is better?

So she is on this journey of self discovery. Why does she need a man to guide her? At every stage of her emotional development she hooks up with a guy. It is stupid.

She just needs to get over herself. Good grief!

Life is too precious to waste continue watching this I'm going to bed!

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  1. Thanks for the movie review Budde. I will keep it in mind if that one ever plays on satellite here. I hate to think of Julia as old, because I know she is younger than me.
    Somebody once described watching a bad movie as "two hours of my life wasted that I'll never get back".


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