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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas program at school

My daughter was a shepherd. They had a kind of modern little interpretation of the Christmas story. The shepherds talked about the smelly sheep and then made a pilgrimage to see baby Jesus and did a lot of singing along the way. It was really quite good.
I asked why there were no dancing penguins or super heroes like the other school programs I had seen and my comments were met with looks of strong disapproval from the "gang of four" and I didn't pursue the matter any further. They don't always appreciate my humor.
Here are some photos of the crew in the Christmas program. My brother's three sons and my daughter.

Now that is a sheep eating grin if I ever saw one!

The entire cast lined up behind the sheep. The sheep were cool. I like traditional Christmas programs the best. I was somewhat saddened that we did not get paper bags full of candy peanuts and an orange at the end of the program. I will surely get scurvy without that orange.
Merry Christmas...


  1. I didn't realize you were such a young whipper-snapper. You are still in the Children-think-you-know-everything stage.

    I imagine your little girl has been a sheep. Next year she may be one of the Magi. In a few years she may be Mary.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. It brings back memories. My daughter just arrived home for Christmas and my son comes in on Wednesday so it won't all be memories.

    Grace and Peace

  2. What! No cows? Discrimination in our schools!!!!!

  3. Pumice, I suppose young is a matter of perspective. I am not twenty nor do I have a lot of hair and I used to use a typewriter and the first laptop I used was a Commodore 64 and it was new so perhaps that puts it in perspective. I didn't get married at 18. My child is smarter and better than I. I dread the teenage years.

    Muddy-Well they were Sheep-Herders who saw the star. Perhaps the cowboys missed the star because it was time for Heath and Jake to be on duty and they were doin' a little wrastlin'


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