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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Farmer shoots at Fox and Hits Burglars and gets arrested and his shotgun taken away

How many years before we are here?
Farmer shots at Fox and Hits Burglars
At first I thought it was a joke.
Look how the authorities are so self-congratulating. Also, note who got arrested.
If it was a sane world and I would almost agree that he have his shotguns taken away but I am afraid he is the only sane one left in that world!
This is the real reason people immigrated to Canada, USA, Australia, and so on. Of course there is no where to move anymore. Perhaps be a colonist on Mars?
(not a lot to say as my internet time has been limited by a long running Monopoly game with my daughter)


  1. Justice? I don't think so. The real criminals go free to continue their illegal activities while the property owner gets his guns and permits confiscated. Its a good thing we don't have any crime or guns here in Canada.

  2. I am not understanding why his shotgun was taken away. This is definitely a case of defending his property and the safety of his family.

    This is crazy!

  3. Dream on if you think you can defend your property! If you hurt someone for any reason and can not prove beyond doubt that your life was in immediate danger, you become the criminal.
    You think the Brits are nuts, just wait its coming here. Our leaders are control freaks and they don't want you to have guns.

  4. As much as I would like to defend the farmer, there may be more here than was reported, and the police may know or suspect more than we do. For instance: Granted the man is disabled, but how could he not know what was going on in the out building on his farm? I'm sure the renters didn't tap his power at night, and if he knew how much power was "stolen" wouldn't he have wondered where it was going or why his bill was so high or what those extra wires his tenants were putting up were for? For all I know he cut a deal with them to pay later after harvest. And then there is the shotgun incident. Birdshot only carries so far, and if he was too far away to hit the "fox", then how is it that some familiar with a shot gun manages to hit two people entering an "outbuilding" he is renting out? The building had to be pretty close to the farmers home no?
    Come on.........the farmer knew what was going on at his place. And the cops knew he wasn't shooting at a fox. He got off easy. His biggest mistake was not using buck shot or slugs and having his buddies dig a hole.

  5. I would think he knew what he was aiming at. I would expect he said he was shooting at a fox to avoid prosecution for shooting at the thieves. Which proves the problem with the anti-gun laws.
    If he was shooting at the fox and didn't know what was behind his target then he shouldn't be shooting...
    Getting by with protecting your property in the USA depends on who you are and where you are. Also, pretty sure you would get in trouble for shooting someone running away.
    I personally don't believe in shooting people but have absolutely no sympathy for kids who get shot breaking into people's cars or houses. Obviously they don't think their lives are worth more than the change they will find in the ashtray...


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