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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve will find me?

We are the way to the wife's family for Christmas. Dad is working in the office on his computer. He is not wearing his Stetson. I need to get it cleaned for his Christmas present. I wonder if that is possible?
Tomorrow we will spend the day at home (I hope).
A lady wants to come for hay. This is the lady who likes to display her huge breasts. I wonder if she thinks she gets a better deal that way? She may in fact get a better deal because I am kind of afraid there will be a wardrobe malfunction and I will be injured. I told her my 20 something helper wanted to ask her out and had a think for hottie's in their early thirties. She said she was closer to 40 and positively glowed. (heh...heh.. heh...) I gave her his phone number and told her he had a whole barn full of hay and would give her a good deal. We shall see what comes from this!
I actually like selling to her. She is happy and friendly and likes my hay. I just really wish she wasn't trying to work me. Or would wear more sturdy foundation garments.
Merry Christmas anyway!


  1. You know what they say, Budd: if you got it, flaunt it. Maybe she just gets her jollies intimidating bashful country boys!

  2. i expect a follow up on how the helper did when your lady called him. lol

  3. It was not that exciting. She decided she only wanted two drums of oats. She brought her boyfriend and her son to help. It would seem that she would have been a little chilly but they stuck around a little and talked. Actually she is really nice. I just spend too much time stuck on the farm I suppose.


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