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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why so many ordinary people are irritated...Why people don't like the TSA and don't want to be scanned

See The Frank James Post by clicking here....

Members of congress on both sides of the aisle are owners in the company that makes the offensive and dangerous x-ray machines!

Also, if you forget and take your Leatherman tool through the airport they steal it from you and sell it on ebay. Read this link...

They could give you a flatrate box and give you the option of mailing it home. Because we are not guilty of using the knife to hijack the plane because we HAVEN'T DONE IT. No, the poor sap just left it in his pocket.
I looked at quite a few photos of stolen pocket knives and personal items and didn't see any real weapons. They take away people's blenders and dildos! What are you going to do with a personal massager? Embarrass the stewardess to death? (couldn't find the link I wanted but this one is funny and doesn't make you mad.)
Morons, morons, morons.... And we put up with it. Of course what can you do? You can't vote them out?
Then there are the folks that say, "just move along you are holding up the line..."
And then there are the folks that try to take out the gunman with a handbag!!!

Interesting quotes from Lenin (click here)

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  1. I'd left a pocket knife in my camera bag a while back when leaving PDX. I was given the option of going back out & mailing it to myself. There was a USPS box with mailers just before the line in. Ripped me off for 9 or 10 bucks, but the knife was sentimental. Then of course I had to stand in line and go through the pat-down again. I'm sure the world was safer for it. I wonder when they will start confiscating ball point pens? Some of which make a respectable weapon when nothing else is available.


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