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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas Sunday

There are a couple issues I'd like to address.
1. I would like to have 1.2 million Dollars
2. This country is really going to heck in a handbasket
3. People are idiots
4. The Daily Strumpet
5. Gorge's Grouse is especially right on the money today! A pet peeve of mine is addressed!
First of all the 1.2 million dollars.
I've been reading the news and it is pretty depressing. I know the country is and has been run by morons for quite a while. The whole idea of them being evil morons is really starting to grow on me. This whole incredible corruption thing is really getting under my skin. Trillions of dollars are being thrown away with the sole purpose of ruining this country. First Bush's fake war, continued into the fake war on terror.
Another amateur terrorist attempting to blow up an airliner, then we read of another person who refused to come out of the bathroom on an airplane. I laughed at went along with the excuse that they were sick until I read online that it was a Nigerian. Great, now we have a inept Nigerian terrorist operation on Christmas day. Once again you have to make the conscious decision, should I laugh or should I cry. I choose laughter as I don't want to believe the worst. So I choose to believe that Homeland Security is kind of a Keystone Cops organization who ignores it when the former head of the Nigerian bank reports his son as a possible terrorist. Perhaps he was trying to get money out of the country and it all went wrong. They could have just emailed someone to help them. I've got a couple offers but I don't know what to do with five million dollars.
Now 1.2 million seems so much more manageable. 1.2 million is nothing compared to a 1 trillion dollar bill which the government seems to be printing up and tossing away like mad.
If my 12 followers each gave me 100,000 dollars I think it could work. Why not give me a $100,000? The government is spending more than $100,000 per person to pay off their little buddies in the banking industry. You could just borrow it from Red Chinese who would probably already own the ground under your home. When you are this far in debt why not just add a little more? You can't pay it in your lifetime anyway!
I wouldn't waste that much of it. Probably no more than 20 percent and a 20 percent return on an investment is considered pretty good anyway!
I'd like to spend a little on a small farm and a couple good Minneapolis-Moline tractors. I'd like a nice Studebaker for me to drive and a nice car from my wife. Sadie says she will settle for $250 in Legos but I say why sell yourself short. 1.2 million has such nice ring to it.
I've been reading The Other McCain blogspot and this fellow has a nice way of raising money. He has a tip jar that you can donate money through paypal. And he posts pictures of half nekked chicks to bring in the readers. I think it is a good idea.
I'm not so sure posting broken links to a .pdf of The Daily Strumpet is a good idea.
Now I have to go play the Wii with Sadie. I will continue my rant later!


  1. Thanks for the "thumbs up" on my last post. Sorry I can't help with your tip jar, but I've just decided to let my home-owners insurance go, so I can still put gas in my truck after I pay my Obama-surance. It all kind of ties into your "moron theory."

  2. The morons who run this country could just give you $100,000 and it wouldn't even be a drop in the bucket of wasted money.
    I think my little tip jar thing is stupid. I was trying to figure out how to do paypal on this blog so I could sell subscriptions or get rid of my 15 year old inventory of Daily Strumpet Christmas mugs.

  3. Have you thought about putting them on e-Bay as "collectors items"?


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