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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cold Snap

Suddenly it got cold. Sunday it was warm Monday was fog, Tuesday evening it started getting cold and today I see sprinkles of frost in the yard. Of course this is Oregon so cold is anything below 45 degrees.
I wanted to know the time in Nebraska yesterday. I need to buy some parts for my drill population counter. Somehow I got distracted and ended up checking the time and weather at Panama City Beach. It was 85 degrees. It kind of ruined my day.
If I could teleport cross country I'd be there. Might be a little bored. Should probably also teleport back in time a few years-or take family with me. Sadie would have good time.
Today I have to check the antifreeze. Get some Triticale hauled, get my drill hooked up, get a truck unstuck, plant 10 acres of camolina, get off my behind and get out the door. Probably could have another cup of coffee. Perhaps I'll fix some eggs.
The name of the blog is in fact...The Lazy Farmer!


  1. Hi Ho Hi Ho, don't that cold snap just put a spring in a guy's step!? More coffee.

    And yeah, female dentists who can hold up both ends of an interesting conversation are the best. Mine is funny, enjoys her work and doesn't expect an answer while her dremel set is in my mouth. Guy I went to as a kid was Gingis Khan.

  2. Actually the cold snap was nice. The sun is out and I feel somewhat cheerful. I've actually accomplished several things. I crossed stuff off my list. Wow!


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