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Friday, December 25, 2009

THE 2009 Christmas Edition Of THE DAILY STRUMPET!!!!!!

2009 Strumpet


  1. You might want to publish each issue at a different location. Otherwise, "THEY" will find you!

  2. Thank you Mr. Shepherd! Breakfast coffee is just better with a fresh printed Strumpet on the table. And a holiday shot of brandy in the brew.

    Hope the 6 issue goal works out, hope folks who can't giggle at themselves don't upset the editorial applecart.

    And a review:
    "Thank you for reading that. That was fun!"-the lovely Mrs. Collieguy

  3. I found several serious errors so I reposted the pdf. There is a different story on the last page. Proof reading was never my strong point. I can't believe it has been 17 years. Not much activity in the last few however.
    Perhaps it was "THEY" after all who misplaced the editor during some strange Alien activity.
    Collieguy, you and Uncle Ted are the motivation! Hope you found it enjoyable. Now, I have to send out the print editions!


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