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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a load of crap!!!

I was watching OPB tonight. A lot of news about non-exploding Nigerians but NOTHING on the healthcare fiasco. Probably no connection.
Of course no one pointed out the obvious.
You can't make an explosive on an airplane. (Click on this link) Then look up PETN on Wikapedia or find a copy of the Uncoventional Explosives Handbook to at an Army Surplus store. There you can see how you couldn't make Nitro on a plane either...
Well of course I suppose you could-if you had a Gilbert Science kit but they stopped making them in 1976 and they are kind of bulky. See this link to the 12 angry men Blog.
You can of course burn yourself really badly if you inject a syringe full of Nitric acid into anything near your naughty parts AND it will ruin your underwear. Wonder if he had his name sewn in his underwear. That is probably important evidence... Oh no, of course the Keystone Cop battalion of the Homeland Security force (based in the Winston Smith memorial building located at 1984 Owellian Avenue) would have missed that obvious lead.
Then there is the other item that really takes ruins the whole fake sense of security that removing my shoes, getting rid of my nail clippers, and not being able to go to the bathroom for the last hour of a 14hr flight, gives me...Those guys and the fat ladies that run the screener at the airport. Um, they are well, how do we say that.... $%^&*(&!@ rent-a-cops. Minimum wage, little education, inflated sense of self importance, and protected federal worker status. So, slip them a little dope, little cash, a pat on the back, some self importance, and there you go... Boom!
Since I am now undoubtedly on some sort of government watch list because I googled, "is it really possible to bring down an airliner by mixing explosives on board" (no kidding) and "PETN" and "was it George Bush's fault," (it was!) with in the past 15 minutes, I suppose I might as well raise the real question.
Are the folks who run this country and who have run it for the past couple decades morons or evil or evil morons or is it really Donald Duck along with Heckel and Jeckel and the Katzenhiemer kids?
Just curious...
Oh, wait, did someone say health care fiasco? No, I must have been mistaken. Perhaps the sound was covered up by nitric acid eating off some Nigerian's private parts....
It is time to make a choice-laugh or cry...
EDIT: There is a faint chance I'm wrong. OPB also said you could find the recipe online so I looked further. There is a wikapedia article that says a bomb can be made with Tang, hydrogen preoxide, and hexamineHexamine is in a fuel tablet for a camping stove. I suppose it is like mixing nitric acid and sugar (Just from memory, not sure I am correct). It requires the sort of hydrogen peroxide used in rocket fuel and not the stuff in your medicine chest, and it has to be contained. I'm thinking it would fizzle rather than boom. It will burn you balls off and make smoke and flames but probably not blow up a plane.
I don't really know all that much and don't claim to be an expert. I still think it is BS.
I found more info on this subject and there are those who claim this can be done. You can stabilize the peroxide or what ever you have. I really am skeptical.  This stuff seems to be pretty unstable prone to failure. Of course it only takes one time for it to work!
NOTE: Due to the fact that it is now 2010 and not 1955 I need to add a disclaimer:


  1. As for wondering whether our leaders are morons, evil, or both, don't know how much of a conspiracy theorist you are, but if you've never looked these subjects up, Google them. Heck, Big Brother is already here anyway.

    The Illuminati

    The Rothchilds

    The Free-Masons

    The Tri-Lateral Commission


    As for guys blowing up planes with aluminum foil and drain cleaner and such things, remember that there seem to be few educated suicide bombers, and that their LEADERS somehow never feel the NEED for seventy virgins. I suspect these young guys have already been driven insane by poverty and celibacy!

  2. You know I'm not that much of a conspiracy theory person.
    I kind of go for the whole "we are screwed" theory and just figure it all went down hill from about July 3, 1864.
    After reading more about bombs I guess if you want to die anyway you won't worry much about the stability of your explosive device and it doesn't matter how much damage you do with it, it still puts your cause in the news. The timing disturbs me. I just don't want to believe what folks say to each other when they think no progressives can hear them are true.
    Of course those on the left think the same thing as those on the right and that is even more disturbing.
    I just want to be left alone. That is what really annoys the folks who run things...
    I got a really sick feeling when i saw Colin Powell drawing pictures of mobile WMD labs when the case was being made to invade Iraq. I was thinking we just bet the farm and I'm thinking it is BS. I just did not want to believe it then and I don't want to now either...

  3. Oh, I forgot. That aluminum foil and (I've heard of folks using swimming pool cleaner) draino in a plastic drink bottle is a lot of fun. You can totally scare the crap out of someone due to the slow pressure buildup of the chemical reaction...or so I've been told.
    I suppose that is illegal...

  4. Aren't most fun things illegal anymore? Two teenaged boys in my area recently got caught doing it and nearly got the firing squad. Of course, in reality, those bottles probably WERE just as dangerous as the little plastic G.I.Joe rifle the airport security folks took away from a little boy 2-3 years ago!

  5. Yeah the idiots in Law Enforcement think kids blowing up things at age 10-18 is unusual! I rather think it has something to do with hormones...It is much better to encourage them to screw like rabbits, put on ladies underwear, and act like fools.
    Of course those crazy kids that blow up schools. The ones that everyone in the school know are crazy, the ones that go and shoot up schools... Now they never see that one coming.
    Blame it on bullying or what ever.
    Oh, and if a kid has been hunting and even leaves so much as a shell casing in his car. End of the world...
    This all comes from the free thinking and "tolerant" generation that spawned the Weather underground, the war protest, the revoloution, generation.


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