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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crisis update

So I called my wayward employee. He wants to work. I pointed out that he said he was coming to work the next Monday and that was a couple months ago. He said he had been hauling Christmas trees. I said he should have told me. He said he was sorry and did I have any work.
I listed the baler that still needed to be cleaned, pipe left to pick up, wood to cut, but said I didn't have enough to keep him busy all winter.
He said he would pickup pipe, clean the baler and cut wood, he said he had to take his mother somewhere but he would be here Monday.
I laughed.
He said, "no I really meant it."
I said, just call me Monday....
It is kind of funny.
New helper went crazy cleaning the shed. I was working on fertilizer bin that I am getting ready to grind feed. I am a little afraid to look. I guess if we didn't know it was there we won't miss it will we...

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