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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Sadie is so excited she is practically bouncing up and down.
I am not. How do you treat these symptoms. I feel slightly dizzy, my throat is kind of sore, I have a deep cough, I want to sleep...Anyway I guess I'll just repress it.
We have Christmas today at wife's family.
Sadie will probably open one present from us this morning. She is getting basically one thing for Christmas and supporting presents from her reletives.
Not sure what we are doing on Christmas day. Hopefully nothing...
I think I 'll go back to bed for a while...


  1. Hope you can catch up on rest, get a hot bowl of your favorite soup. Don't be inventing a new strain of the flu currently associated in the popular press with the noble breed sus scrofa. Sounds like you're feeling a bit scrofulous. My grandmother always gave us pineapple juice for winter flu and cold assaults.

    Christmas here is completely weathered out, big storm camped out over about five states. Four days of sleet, snow, wind, more sleet. Don't get to take parents up to St. Paul to watch their great-grandkids open presents.

    My picture of Santa would be a thin, grizzled old guy with a WW1 aviator helmet and thresher belting for harness peering into the teeth of a blizzard and hoping that red glow is Rudolph's nose, not the strobe on a wind generator tower.

  2. Got the illustration out of very old copy of the night before Christmas. We have a few old books.

    The world is sure changing. Yes Santa would be chopped to bits by the whirling knives of the wind turbines!

    Sadie wants some of that snow Collie Guy is talking about! Althought perhaps not in the quantity mentioned in the news...


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