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Thursday, December 31, 2009

More New Years Eve and Rain

I have pretty much lost my train of thought from the previous post. I was working at developing an interesting story and now I've completely forgotten where I was going.
Today was a nasty rainy mess of a day. Cold and fog and dying traces of melting snow.
Melting snow in the spring is a happy sight. It means spring is on the way and little flowers are soon to arrive.
Melting snow in December just means mud and more winter.
Melting snow in December means failure. It reminds you it is not the old days with sleds and roasted apples and Christmas parties and good wholesome fun.
It just means more of a nasty foggy Oregon winter and you know if it were three degrees colder it would be snow and not rain. It means the river will flood and I didn't move the last tractor off the river bottom as it has a flat tire. Global warming...
As the snow dies, the old rusting crap looks worse, the hay in the shed has turned black from the blown snow. The old folks are not feeling so well. They need to retire. There is no money and no one competent to do the books and there is not going to be any money cause the whole economy is in the toilet no matter what the folks tell on on the TV. Plus, I'm not only a lazy farmer but a crappy farmer.
Other than that depressing commentary, it has been a good day. We got my new truck to move. I was given a 1971 International with some huge old gas engine in it. You do understand that you rarely get something of value for absolutely nothing.
My other International truck died earlier this year. It had a 478 cu inch v-8. I am going to pull this engine and install in it in my dead truck as the dead truck has a very nice 24ft bed and a good hoist.
I think the free truck has a 547 cu inch engine. I has a tandem axle drive and a five and a three transmission. Five speed main box and three speed brownie. It runs pretty good. It has not been started since 1998 or so. We pulled the spark plugs and pumped in some Automatic Transmission fluid. I let it set for a week while I wandered around the farm and started and didn't finish a lot of other projects. Then my new helper told me we had to get that truck running so we went back and then cranked the engine. I couldn't get it to start at first. Then I discovered the points were bad. I ordered points from CarQuest and of course got the wrong ones. I didn't discover this until I was standing on my head in the engine compartment trying to install them. I pulled the old points and took some sand paper to them. Then I bent the arm that holds the contact so that it would close properly. I put it back together and it fired right up. I can only imagine the amount of gasoline it will consume.
We were unable to get it to move as the brake pads had rusted to the drums and also because I can't figure out how to shift the bugger. The main box has a little lever on the shift handle sort of like the reverse lock out on a 1946-49 Chevy truck. Only it doesn't quite work the same. My brother got it engaged and after some clutch popping one set of axles spun. So we engaged the interlocks and the other set of axles engaged. We didn't drive it as traffic was bumper to bumper on highway 18.
Everyone must be headed for the casino to spend the new year gambling. What a kick in the butt. That is how I want to spend the new year. Noise, lots of people, more beeping noises, fat ladies, and losing money. I hear they won't let you pick up the quarters off the floor. That is the only point I can see in going to a casino.
Which brings me back to my obsession of the week
I want 1.2 million dollars.
1.2 million seems like a nice number. I just did a google search for 1.2 million and discovered that while 1.2 million Iraqis have been killed since the invasion, Bush saved 1.2 million folks in Africa from dying of aids and 1.2 million trees have been planted in Afghanistan, 1.2 million folks are uninsured in Alabama, and a human skull has been found in west Birmingham.
1 million is much less than 1 billion and running a new interstate between Mexico and Canada will not help out Indiana.
Thus, I should be given 1.2 million dollars because:
1. I have killed no Iraqi Civilians nor do I ever intend to.
2. I can find Africa on the map
3. I like trees
4. I am now insured and I don't live in Alabama
5. I do not have a human skull buried in my back yard
6. I have been to Mexico and Canada and Indiana and I don't really want to go back and so I have saved the Federal Government Billions of dollars in highway funds as they don't need to build me a new interstate highway.
So in conclusion, giving me 1.2 million dollars would actually be a gift to humanity and would help balance the Federal budget! I am a hero!
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